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We already have the first Airsoft bomb! (Prototype)


We already have the first Airsoft pump! (Prototype) OdysaWE GOT IT!

After a few hours following the tutorial, we have already assembled the first of the prop pumps that we will use in the next ODYSA games.

We leave you the link of tutorial of how to make your suitcase bomb for Airsoft.


To load the software you must first load the Keypad.h library that comes in the .zip, with the programming software that you will download from

To activate the equipment buttons, they must be connected to port 12, and A2 and A3.

The 9v batteries in the scheme last a breath. You must connect an Airsoft battery.

In the general scheme, the supply to the RGB led strip is missing from the graph. You must connect the positive to port 12v of the strip.

With this you have it!

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