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Final registration straight! We give you new details of SECRETS OF BENGASI!

Final registration line! We give you new details of SECRETS OF BENGASI! Benghazi


Benghazi Secrets is an exceptional Airsoft event and now you will know why.

Alright gentlemen!

We already have this here!

We have provided you with some very cool scripts, a formidable playing field, and impressive facilities to enjoy your participation.

During the game breaks, the bar, restaurant, foosball, table tennis, beds to rest and hot food await you in the dining room. Time to socialize and tell us the anecdotes that will surely be many.

We are giving it our all

We know this is a special event and that is why we are giving and we are going to give you 110% so that you have a great time. Proof of this is that the first to join were those who came to our previous events.

Final registration line! We give you new details of SECRETS OF BENGASI! Benghazi
You saw us make the pumps and here we leave you the video of how to make them yourself.


We want to thank the unconditional support for the Smoked Jaguars teams in Mallorca, Fox Division and USR SASR, FOX HAUNTING in Barcelona, ​​SEALS NEPTUNE in Madrid ... and some who know that they should be in the acknowledgments because they are coming ... but they have not yet finished the process, ahem ... And everyone else!

Welcome to the new

To the new participants in an ODYSA event, tell you that we are happy to have you and that we thank you for your trust. You are going to want more!

For those who are doubtful whether to process the registration, it is normal. This rare event for its infrastructure, for its price, novelty. I Playing Cards, I recommend it.

Your experience is the only important thing

Let us not forget, the most important thing of any event is [Email protected]

From ODYSA we plan the entire operation thinking about the event that we, as players, would like to play.

Airsoft SECRETOS DE BENGASI event details

We summarize below some important information so that you have a better knowledge and find out what is going on BENGASI SECRETS.

About our facilities

There is really little to say, we prefer to show it to you. The complex is truly exceptional and provides us with a unique infrastructure to host and direct the event. It allows us, for example, to give separate rooms and showers to the girls, and if you come as a couple to provide a double room.

If you have any food intolerance or allergy we will make you a special menu. (Warn 15 days before, please)

On the pitch

Here you see it, it is a very playable flat terrain, where the enzyme prevails, without great unevenness, and that makes it easy for us to transport you in vehicles.

About the prop

We like that in your missions you have good feelings and find a practical meaning to your effort. For this reason, the missions that we are going to give you missions that will entail work and actions that you have rarely been ordered.

Here we only give you a small sample, in the official website you can see much more. We want you to mix things up, kidnap players, break chains and use your [spoiler] skill to open the secret bunker.

Vehicle atmosphere

Final registration line! We give you new details of SECRETS OF BENGASI! Benghazi

We set up our transports by installing our own devices that illuminate the interior with red lights and helicopter sounds. Some missions are instructed during transportation.

About the missions

The script and game missions are a big secret until the day of the event. However, having taken a long break on our part, we wanted to illustrate our spirit as Game Directors, facilitating two cool missions, for those who have never participated in an ODYSA event. We give you the liks: HACKING | Sabotage. Read them!

About media coverage

Final registration line! We give you new details of SECRETS OF BENGASI! Benghazi

Our events hardly go unnoticed in the airsofter community and it is our interest to give you the joy of seeing how a cool event in which you have participated appears in some important media. For this reason, we work to close collaboration agreements with the most important magazines. From here we want to thank Airsoft Kombat 47 y Soldier Raids your help and support.

Event Schedules


22:00 Reception of the participants who sleep and have breakfast.


7:00 Bullfight for those who arrived on Friday.

8:00 Breakfast for those who arrived on Friday.

8:00 Reception of players, and accompaniment to the rooms.

9:00 Welcome and control circuit, delivery of fruit, sandwich and water.

10:00 Start of Benghazi Secrets

21:30 Dinner, bar, table football table tennis.

23:00 Count for the Night Raid 100% Pure MilSim.


7.00 Bullseye.

8:00 Breakfast.

9:00 Count and control circuit.

10:00 Start of BENGASI SECRETS

14:30 Cannelloni!

16: 00 Farewell and closing.

About the payment of the inscriptions

There are several teams that have not completed the registration process because they are waiting for a teammate to decide on economic issues. We are aware that this February is complicated after the VISA charge that has come after the Christmas holidays and the Three Kings.

We are going to change the policy a little in this regard to make it easier for you. We invite you to start the registration process and to negotiate a reservation price. We allow you to make the last payment on March 5, 2020, when you have all collected.

For this procedure we provide you with our phone / Whatsapp: 616474208, and our e-mail: [Email protected]


To process the registrations for SECRETS OF BENGASI you can use our registration form.

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