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Hacking and destruction of the transport base, in SECRETS OF BENGASI, 2nd video report


In this installment we provide you with the video report of the hacking and destruction mission of the Transport Base; repair the power plant, open the bunker door, and later hack the computer terminal. Check it out!

Hacking and destruction of transport base, in SECRETOS DE BENGASI, 2nd video report Bengasi

Original mission:

In this link you can see the mission that we deliver to the event players.


Leave the enemy side without transportation.

The mission:

In this mission, a bombed power station had to be repaired, the bunker door was forced (locked with a real padlock, and opened with lockpicks), and a virus was recorded using a USB stick on the computer terminal to hack the enemy missile system. This entailed being able to enter the enemy defense system and use their weapons against their own facilities.

It was successful!

Hacked system, missiles fired and the enemy side without transport for the indicated time.

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