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Airsoft as Sniper with Well's L96 MB-01, with my new Poseidon 6.05 Air Cushion barrel.


Sunday morning in the Manau field, in Sant Vicenç de Montalt, Barcelona. Good morning on Sunday, but the heat was very pressing, and I say a lot.

First we did a warm-up game, and we already started to play some scripts. Not everyone is here. I have compressed 4 hours of game in 45 minutes of summary.

I am currently playing with Squirrels Squad. It is dedicated to you.

As for the new Poseidon 6.05mm Air Cushion cannon, I can tell you that I have a good feeling. The time I was able to test it in the gallery, at 50 meters was completely accurate, without deviations. I ran out of time, and at the end of the morning I forced myself to do more tests. I ended up quite heated.

At the end of the video I leave you some “Extra Contents”:

-My reunion with Airsoft Hunting Club, after 12 years since The Rock 2.0.

-A conversation about the micrometric TDC that I have mounted, and how to install it.

-My confession to Chief Manau about a picaresque in my assault with a pistol. Check it out!

In short, a good but warm morning.

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