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How to be a fighter pilot in the Spanish army?



Good morning, I am Captain Delgado, F-18 fighter pilot and assigned to Wing 12 at the Torrejón de Ardoz base in Madrid.

When asked what do you have to do to become a fighter pilot in the Spanish Air Force? The first thing we have to do is study high school in the scientific-technical aspect and once we finish those two years, with the grade we have in high school and the selectivity grade, it gives you the possibility of accessing the General Air Academy, in San Javier (Murcia), basically like in any other University.

The only exception is that you have to do a few filter tests in English, psychotechnics, physical tests and medical tests. After these filters and with your selectivity and high school grades you can access the General Air Academy. They are five years, like in any other University and basically what you are going to have are theoretical subjects typical of any Engineering.

Then you will have more military subjects, specifically from the military field and then three flight courses, which is what specifies the difference with other soldiers who are in other academies. There are three phases of flight. In the first course, which takes place in the third academic year of the Academy, they are held in the 'Pillán', a simple light aircraft, which will determine if you are fit or not for the flight. The second flight course, more important, is done in a C-101, a small Spanish-made reactor and the grade you take in this course is very important when it comes to choosing between the different aspects you have, which is hunting and attack, transport and helicopters. If that note allows you to access to choose the hunting and attack course, in your fifth year of the Academy and doing your third year of flight, you will go to the Talavera la Real air base in Badajoz, and there in the F-5 You will carry out the hunting and attack phase.

Medical chart of exclusions:

Order PRE / 2622/2007, of September 7 ("BOE" number 220, of September 13), modified by Order PRE / 528/2009, of March 2 ("BOE" number 55, of March 5) For any other information on access to the Armed Forces you can visit the Recruitment website:

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