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Headline: Zoxna
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ZOXNA is a leading company created in 2007 that has been fully dedicated to the development of Airsoft technologies and services since then. ZOXNA has been providing innovative products domestically and internationally by wholesalers and retailers in the Airsoft industry for over a decade.

A strong focus on the customer, compliance with global standards and the constant search for first-class quality have allowed the company to maintain leadership in its main lines of business for more than 12 years,

Our R&D department is committed to the Airsoft industry in the continuous search for innovative products to offer customers and users with the best possible experience in their Airsoft activities.


ZOXNA is a company that was born before its creation in the field of Airsoft game, since it could not be otherwise, as a player since 2001 assimilating the game and collecting information directly from the players, the great lack of new types of weapons was observed. from Airsoft, given that our usual work is the creation of R & D & I of companies from different sectors such as the aeronautical and automotive industry, national and international security agencies, and since we have military experience in the Special Forces, it was decided Focusing entirely on Airsoft, thus founding the ZOXNA brand in 2007, launching the GM series grenades (GM1, GM2, GM3) as the first product, given the great success achieved in our Airsoft community, we continue to innovate improvement and development of new types of weapons, such as the X series (Mini launcher) of the S series of the HL Mortar series (HL1 + and HL2 +) (Multiple mortar HL3) (sonic grenade blank or) le) (Bazooka Shark) The (Series Annihilation Turret) (40mm Cartridge) and more types of weapons that we have recently incorporated as new (Mini Launcher X, 2) a new type of weapon called (The Avenger) a new C series cartridge (C.2 40mm) for a new one (ZOXNA valve) from the GM series (GM4 and GM5) and from the S series (S.2) to our product catalog.2) a new type weapon called (the Avenger) a new cartridge of the C series (C.2 40 mm) a new one (ZOXNA VALVE) of the GM series (GM4 and GM5) and of the S series (S. 2) to our product catalog. 2) a new type of weapon called (the avenger) a new cartridge of the C series (C.2 of 40 mm) a new one (ZOXNA VALVE) of the GM series (GM4 and GM5) and from the S (S. 2) series to our product catalog.


We inform you that all the products and published our system know-how have been developed and manufactured by ZOXNA. All products are registered and approved by CIPAE, ICAE and the Ministry of Defense to guarantee their safety and control of greater commercialization.


The main objective of ZOXNA is to integrate R&D available in its products and systems in order to create other new airsoft weapons that allow players to enjoy and improve the strategies of their games. Our greatest wish is that our customers continue to enjoy each and every one of our news.

Trademarks: Zoxna
Telephone: 977768482
Address: No data
Postal Code: No data
City / Municipality: Riudoms
Region: Tarragona
Country: Spain

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