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How to make your airsoft bomb briefcase? Tutorial with Arduino code and schema.


Tutorial to make your airsoft bomb briefcase from scratch. We provide you with the code to program the arduino board, the wiring diagram, and the necessary materials to make it and you can assemble it yourself.

What airsoft bomb are we going to build?

How to make your airsoft bomb briefcase? Arduino code and schematic tutorial. Workshop

We are going to assemble a sound bomb briefcase to play Airsoft, based on the original project by Kajaki Airsoft, KA, a group / team from Burgos.

The device has three game modes: Search and destroy, sabotage y domination.

Connection scheme

How to make your airsoft bomb briefcase? Arduino code and schematic tutorial. Workshop

Improvements made on this scheme:

  1. To include equipment buttons you have to connect them to port 12, and A2 and A3.
    (We connect the green button to ports 12 and A2, and the red button to ports 12 and A3)
  2. The 9v batteries in the scheme are short-lived. You must connect an Airsoft battery (7,4-8,4v, approximately 2000 mha.)
  3. In the scheme the power supply to the RGB led strip is missing. You must connect the positive pole of the general power supply to the 12v port that is free in the RGB led strip.

Code to program the Arduino UNO board in the airsoft pump.

Airsoft_Arduino_Bomb_Replica _-_ Kajaki_Airsoft_ (Download .ZIP)


To load the Code on the board, we must first import the library that controls the keyboard in the Arduino software. How is it done? 1) We open a new blank project, 2) In the upper bar we choose Program> Manage Libraries, 3) We search for the Keypad.h library and import it. 4) The command will appear on the first line of the new project. 5) We close and you're done.

Official Arduino software to program the code on the motherboard of our airsoft pump.

You can download and install the official Arduino software from the official website

Here we provide the direct link to the download section:

What functions and games does this airsoft pump have?

Search and destroy:

It is divided into two teams, the objective of one is to plant the bomb and protect it from the enemy, while the other must deactivate it before it explodes, as in the Counter Strike video game.


It is like the previous mode, but you can activate and deactivate the pump as many times as you can before time runs out.


In this mode, two teams, green and red, fight for control of the pump under the name of their team. The team with the longest time controlling the bomb wins.

Necessary materials:

Arduino Uno board

Display with I2C interface

Speaker / Buzzer

Keyboard for Arduino

Potentiometer 10k



Battery connector

9v battery

Fuse holder and fuse

Heat Shrink Tube


RGB Led Strip



The airsoft bomb has RGB lights to give players information about the state of the game.


It makes different beeps depending on the situation, they accelerate when the detonation approaches.


We recommend the installation of a battery (Ni-Hm) that can be charged without removing it.

Easy to assemble:

The whole project of the pump is based on Arduino so that if any of you want to build your own, all you have to do is mount the circuit and load the code that you can find in the project files folder.


Most of the functions of the pump are in English, partly because they did not fit in Spanish and partly because I wanted to give it that more international vibe, in case anyone asked.

Original source of the project:

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