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How does an Airsoft weapon work?



How does an Airsoft gun work? Workshop

By Daniel Muñoz Sánchez, Matadors AirSoft ClubIn 2001.

Ahaha !, but not everything was going to be flawed ... a series of brainy gentlemen set out to reduce the cost of the shots, maintaining an equal or greater volume of fire ... and in the end it was much higher! The arrived Automatic Electric Guns, true replicas in terms of fully automatic fire, and counting some with the latest innovation of the new "Burst" system, which imitates the ability of some weapons to fire short bursts of 3 shots, the user being able to program it to their liking, between 2- 11 shots, being the only rifle with this system at the moment, the Marui SIG-550 and SIG-551 SWAT, and waiting to be implanted in the M-16 family.

Due to the electro-mechanical motor-gear system and the volume it occupies, the first AEG's that were designed were rifles, which had free fire in bursts, and automatic fire shot by shot, the whole set being powered by rechargeable batteries from the guy who carry radio control cars. Imagine how the design process of something has to be put into a site with certain measures that are already pre-determined by those of the weapon to be cloned ...

Let's see what the AEG system is like in general:

This is the complete drive system of an AEG. Here we have piston, recovery spring, gear drawer (closed) with all axes aligned and reducers, contacts for the battery, usually with thick cables in red (positive) and black (negative) colors that end in a female Tamiya connector that It will fit into the male connector of the battery, electrical connections for the motor, and trigger.

How does an Airsoft gun work? Workshop

In the animation we can see how the circular movement of the motor is converted into linear movement, being transferred to the bowler that drives the ball, by means of solidarity gears, in an endless process. This movement is repeated in both semi-automatic fire (shot to shot) and automatic fire (burst) modes.


Spring (Soft Air) or Gas?

The generic name of SoftAir encompasses all those "artifacts" with the ability to shoot 6mm balls with a smooth impulse.

The first and earliest replica models were pistols, and the movements to be made to feed them with ammunition and fire, involved pulling the slide and pulling the trigger each time a shot was fired, being adapted to the actual operation of the weapon. copied, the locks being applied in the same direction and their fins have the same shape, size and location. The retaining levers act by leaving the pistol open when the "ammunition" runs out, repeating the cycle of refilling the magazine (with between 9 and 17 balls, depending on the model in question), inserting it, and reassembling the weapon. The action of mounting the slide is part of the assembly of a small driving piston (air pump) that hides the replica inside, right next to the beginning of the barrel.

The gas models are provided with a small refillable tank, either inside the replica, or in the same magazine, as the latest gas blow back models come, which imitate the real movement of the weapon when it is fired, moving the back-forward slide. They fill up with gas through a "mother" cylinder that injects the gas through a valve, as if we were recharging a lighter. It should also be noted that some models have an automatic purge valve, which is responsible for expelling excess gas, to keep the internal tank at an adequate operating pressure, in case we spend time to replace gas, so more It is worth many and small loads, that one that leaves us empty our container for filling.

When it comes to comfort, the preferable is gas, which produces a high-volume automatic fire, just by pulling the trigger, and as long as we have gas and balls, no problem, compared to having to operate the slide with each shot, but, alas, the eaten for the served, the price of a bottle of gas is still prohibitive, compared to the cost of firing a single charger in both systems, having to put an entire charge of gas every 40-50 shots . Unless we have a small fortune, having a gas gun is prohibitive in the long run, although it provides better satisfaction than a spring. A matter of taste ...

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