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How does HOP UP work on an Airsoft weapon?


The mechanism prints a backspin effect to the ball that gives us a greater shooting range.

How does the HOP UP work on an Airsoft gun? Workshop

¿What is the HopUp? Yes man, of course, everyone knows it, it's one thing that makes the ball go further. Very good, very good, kid, you will go far.

A silly conversation like this can have anywhere in time, space and language (well, maybe not in such a stupid way) and the result would be the same, that almost everyone knows what the HopUp does, but nobody really knows what it is. Well, in this article, based on my experience (hey, if you, stop laughing at my poor experience, which is short but intense) and my knowledge of physics (after taking the exam 7 times and the ones I have left, My knowledge is vast), I will try to explain it in words understood by a layman of Newton's laws and all his thin bitch.

To begin, I will translate the brochure that usually accompanies the KWC replicas, to get in tune (yes, those who have a minimum knowledge of English already know what it says, but those who do not know, have no warra idea that is what it says and I anyway, so I extend the article).

THEORY OF HOP-UP: The basic theory of hop-up is the theory of spin (NR: the literal translation of spin can be twist, but in physics the nomenclature is maintained, so I will keep it, since I suppose they refer to this). When the BB shell (that is, the ball) is fired, there is friction against the top of the BB shell. The BB projectile rotates upwards (NR: This will look better on the diagram I have added). The power of the turn can reduce the effect of gravity, the force of the wind, the friction of the air ... and the BB projectile flies at a further distance.

So far so good right? Well now, for those interested, I will explain what HopUp really is and stay tuned, because it is simple. The HopUp is a rubber on the barrel. Complicated truth ... Now outside of jokes I explain it to you more seriously, although the basic thing is that. Namely, the HopUp mechanism is a simple rubber in the barrel that is housed in a certain position at the top of the barrel. As everyone knows, rubber "grips" better than the metal that makes up the barrel, so when the ball goes through, the bottom of the ball passes faster than the top, which stays somewhat more retained by the action of rubber. Thus, due to inertia, the fact that the lower part moves faster than the upper part forces a turn that is maintained by inertia once it is out of the barrel and that is what opposes both gravity and to the wind and all that, although in reality, what happens is that the ball slides in the air due to the turn and maintains a cannon exit with greater energy, which makes it more difficult or more energetic to change its movement. And seen this last paragraph, I think I will leave it there, since explaining the physical behavior of the ball at the exit of the cannon was not my original intention and it is not something that can be discussed without drawing on a level of mechanical physics that most people don't have or don't want to remember about something like a game.

How does the HOP UP work on an Airsoft gun? Workshop

Finally, comment on the issue of having adjustable HopUp in the weapon. Well, that is usually quite interesting, but it has its drawbacks. As a point in favor, it is the fact that it allows to regulate the degree to which the rubber presses the ball, allowing to adapt its use to different weighing of the balls or to different weather conditions and others. As a point against, poor calibration can cause the ball to rotate too fast and its angle of rise is too steep, causing a very interesting effect of mountain pass in the final stretch (from the scientific point of view) but hell. when aiming with it; Or the opposite effect, that the ball almost rolls out of the barrel, which occurs when the rubber gets too far into the barrel and the ball does not find a small friction, but a real cobblestone in the middle of the road that makes it lose the greatest part of the energy in the crash.

Well, and so far Professor Rasczak's master class. On another occasion we will talk about the cultivation of PVC balls in high alkalinity lands or the artificial insemination of the SIG family weapons. We read each other, kids.

PD: Joer, now that I have read it, how long I have stayed. XD

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