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CUE opens its new blog on mechanics, repairs and improvements of Airsoft

CUE opens its new blog on mechanics, repairs and improvements of Technical Airsoft

It is difficult if you have been in Airsoft for a while and you have doubts that you have not received any advice from CUE through forums or social networks. From we want to make a special mention to one of our favorite sages.

Hugo RQ, better known as CUE, has spent many years helping out here and there advising those who venture into the mechanical or electronic technique of our Airsoft replicas.

We find their contributions and recommendations in almost all digital media related to Airsoft. We already followed him years ago at Airsoft Barcelona and Madrid, and we are happy to see how he now helps tirelessly on social networks.

If he gives you some advice, you are in luck and keep it in mind, perhaps it comes from one of the wisest technicians in terms of mechanics, repairs and improvements of Airsoft.

We love your motto:

"There are no rookies or veterans, just colleagues."

We agree 100%:

  • It is a pity to abandon the Airsoft forums because they are great knowledge libraries for everyone.
  • The information shared on social networks quickly becomes little or nothing accessible to other players.
  • Having access to information improves your Airsoft experience and saves you money.

(Quotes taken from conversation, not literal.)

Link from his Airsoft blog:

Follow him!

CUE takes advantage of these days to inaugurate and cultivate his mechanics blog. In it we will find very useful and well-explained technical information, but above all reliable.

The CUE Toy Room

We hope you will publish new articles soon!

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