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Alert for players and organizers about safety in goggles and protective masks for Airsoft.


Given the shocking image of the helmet with the BROKEN EYE PROTECTION not broken this week by email on Facebook, we rescued these videos that were intended by television to give a sensationalist vision of our beloved airsoft.

This report was requested by Spain Directo de TVE, and A Fondo de Antena 3 in 2001, and we decided to attend it to provide reliable information from the FCA. Both reports are faced by the same team of people.

With this I want to contribute to give a touch of attention to irresponsible players, But also to the organizers so that they are in charge of monitoring compliance with regulations also in terms of security.

Any episode of these harms our hobby, and will not bring us anything good. We hope the player was not seriously injured.

Alert for players and organizers about safety in protective goggles and masks for Airsoft. Events
Non-HOLOGATED broken protection lens integrated into the helmet.

Airsoft Game Rules Reminder


In order to practice Airsoft safely, it is mandatory to comply with the following personal security measures:

The use of protective glasses that meet one of these two protection standards is mandatory:

- European Standard EPI-89/686 / CEE (EN166). Within this specification, they must be of type A or B (they must have EN166-A or EN166-B engraving on the lens and frame) (See Annex V).

- American ANSI Z87.1 standard. Within this specification, they must be of the Z87 + type (they must be engraved with Z87 +) (See Annex V). "

Here you have the link of the Airsoft gaming regulations.

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