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What do i need to play a 24 hour milsim event?

What do I need to play a 24-hour milsim event? Tutorials

Quick guide to know what material should not be missing in an ODYSA airsoft milsim event of 24 hours or more.

Well, we are already signed up for a milsim event. And what time? It is done? It's just like playing a normal airsoft game, right? I'm not sure ... ... maybe you should tell me a little more about what I will need ... Come on!

By Odysa Playing Cards, in 2019.

How should we read this article?

First of all I want to tell you that the intention of making this mini guide is to facilitate less experienced players a quick list of common equipment that we must have ready to enjoy a fantastic weekend. For veterans whose memory fails us, it can also be useful.

The first advice that I will give you is that you read each other very carefully the information that we provide the organization. In it the organizers indicate that material is essential.

As far in advance of the event as possible, you should meet with the members of your team to plan the departure and decide what material each will contribute.

Es counterproductive carrying excess material; You will travel more uncomfortable, you will carry more weight and you will spend more money, be it buying material or consuming fuel for carrying extra weight, especially if you come from afar. Depending on the case, renting a van or a generator set is a good decision.

It is a good idea divide the material into packages. It will help you distribute the material in suitcases, and this will make it easier for you to arrive and assemble, prepare and play, collect and leave. Even if you have an emergency, you will see how having the material well organized is very positive.

This list is intended for an event where there is night rest, or you arrive at the venue a day before the event. If the game is non-stop, you must provide yourself with technical material to be able to rest in the open.

Let's start with the list!

Good attitude

This is the most important element and you should never forget it at home.

You are about to enjoy an experience that although it may be severe, will require your best will to share and enjoy a great experience together with your teammates, as well as with the players that you will find in the event. You will immediately realize that in the face of any adversity, a friendly hand is priceless. If we prepare well we will enjoy, and you can even contribute to help other players have a great time too.


Complete toiletry bag
General first aid kit (That we will leave in the store)
Baby wipes (There are no showers, and clean we will rest better)
Toilet paper

Shop light
Inflatable mattress (Getting a good rest is important if you have to drive later)
Inflatable pillow
Sleeping bag
Pajama clothes
Combination padlock for store zipper
Bluetooth speaker (with FM Radio)

Sneakers for rest
Rest clothes
Wind jacket
Pullover or fleece

Camping stove + metal saucepan
Generating set. (This is a comfort)
Power strip 15m.
Car electric converter 12v to 220v
Consumption meter in Watts. (The car cigarette lighter outputs 100 to 300 Watts)
Folding table
Tent or parasol (Useful to hang light on your heads)
Folding table
Garbage bags

Maintenance and repairs

Silicone spray
FPS Chronograph
Stick for cleaning and / or unclogging
Specific tools
Common spare parts


Glasses x2
Anti fog spray
Morrera of protection
Cap or tactical helmet
Neck scarf or panty
Camouflage uniform (If it rains you will need a replacement)
X2 technical jersey
Trail x2 socks
Rest socks
Underpants x3
Rain poncho
Tights and technical shirt (Avoid friction with the skin)
Dummy knife
Camelbag and / or backpack
Red scarf and red light for night
Clock (with 5 ′ countdown)

Tactical Belt and CamelBag (or Tactical vest)

  • Radio pouch
  • Pouch canteen
  • Pouch chargers
  • Pouch ammunition
  • Pouch food
  • Mobile pouch, and mission tracking.
  • Pouch campaign kit (Lighter than the first)
  • Carabiners

Flashlight or tactical
Head Light (or Hel Star)
Radio + PTT for ear, and chest

Mission tracking

Copy of the information of the event, and the regulation
Laminated maps, the game one and a topographic one
Map markers
Pencil pen
Mobile and powerbank


Multi tool
American tape
Nylon cable ties
Cutting pliers


Here I put mine. 😉

Well L96 sniper rifle

-Balls 0,45
-Injector (Tico-Tico)

Ak Beta Spetsnaz of Marui

-0,25gr BIO balls
-Battery charger
-Injector (Tico-Tico)

Marui Mk23 SOCOM

-0,25gr BIO balls


-Bio 0,12gr balls (that there is no XD, so any BIO)

Nothing else is missing?

Sure things are missing, and it is also certain that there are plenty of others; but here you have a reference list that you can copy and paste into your MS Excel, and modify according to your preferences, tastes or needs. Many elements can be changed; Where I say "inflatable mattress", there are those who will prefer a folding cot, and there I leave everyone.

I did not want to go into some topics such as the recommended optics, night or thermal viewers, infrared lights ... Yes you should know that you will find players with this team during the game, but I think that if they are going to be on your list you must already be players advanced.

I hope you find it useful!

Odysa playing cards.

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