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Game Gear for Airsoft Tutorials

If you are a new player you will need some basic notions on how to equip yourself, and what your teammates are equipped with.

Basic equipment for a player:

The basic equipment necessary to play Airsoft is safety glasses, a weapon and ammunition. But to make the game more exciting and varied the player must get a decent team.


The only necessary protection is glasses, with or without face protection. Ammunition (BB) does not do as much damage, but if the weapon has been improved or the distance between the target and the target is small, the pain increases. Knuckles, ears, lips and similar places are very sensitive and an impact can hurt a lot. Clothing is usually sufficient protection, but it is common for the face and hands to be unprotected.

Protective goggles should not be affected by a BB fired within 30 centimeters by the most powerful weapon in the arsenal. Protective goggles tend to cloud over, because the warm, moist air between the goggles and the face does not disappear. The more air that circulates between the face and the glasses, the less fog will be left. There are special glasses that do not fog. Thermal goggles work because there are two separate lenses and the air contained between the lenses prevents fogging of the inner lenses. Air does not transmit heat well. Thermal glasses are quite expensive, although there are other methods to reduce fogging. The easiest method is to use a cloth and rub a little soap or the like inside the glasses. This method reduces but does not eliminate fogging and should be applied before each game.

A new type of glasses has recently appeared, called mesh glasses. These glasses are made expressly for use in Airsoft, and since they do not have lenses, they cannot fog. Its only negative is that in low light situations it is difficult to see through them.

Yellow lens glasses increase contrast, so daylight vision is improved. On the other hand, in low light situations they make vision quite difficult, such as at dusk or at night.

Clothing [Battle Dress Uniform - BDU]:

Do not do Airsoft with clothes that cannot withstand harsh treatment. The right clothes are a jacket and pants with a camouflage pattern, and good boots. The militaria stores and the camping and mountaineering stores are ideal places to buy the material. The clothes bought in these stores are very difficult to tear and can be cheap. Many pockets are useful, but make sure you can close them with large buttons or zippers, so they're easy to handle with gloves or if it's cold. And don't forget to make sure the clothes are comfortable. Camouflage is not mandatory, green or brown color is usually sufficient. Don't buy black clothes to wear at night games. Wear normal camouflage clothing, or the clothing will be darker than the night itself, and you will be an easy target. The night is not black, just dark.

T-shirts, shirts and socks:

If the day is hot, a shirt or long-sleeved shirt is preferable to a jacket. Even on normal days something has to be worn under the jacket, and a shirt or T-shirt is the most common option.

Socks are more important than most people think, because a good pair of socks reduces chafing, and cold feet are not good for your health. It is better to wear two pairs of thin socks to a pair of thick socks, because two thin socks insulate better.


It is not smart to wear sports shoes to play Airsoft. Real boots protect your feet and ankles better, and resist more mud and water. Make sure the boots are properly adjusted to your feet before playing with them. One trick is to wear wet woolen socks, and hang around the boots until they've dried, even a little longer. A pair of boots can be considered as suitable when you have used them to walk about 10-15 kilometers. Although it is not all at once. For people who don't like boots with hard soles, there are boots called SWAT boots, made by Magnum, that have soft soles and sides.


Gloves will protect your hands from injury, and reduce pain from impact on your knuckles and fingers. Fingerless gloves are often used, because gloves increase grip on the handle, or on objects. Gloves also warm hands in cold weather.


Hats and other clothing are normally worn. Jungle hats, caps, and helmets are the most common. The choice depends on personal preference, overall appearance, and protection against flying BBs. Hats increase realism, and go great if the weather is bad and it rains.

Vests and backpacks:

A good vest is very useful for carrying backup chargers, batteries, binoculars, and all the other gear that an Airsoft player uses. There are many types, of different configurations, so you should choose the one that suits you best. In those hot games where only a vest is worn shirt is an excellent investment.

Backpacks are not usually useful for the common Airsoft player, but if you have to carry a lot of equipment or food, they will save your day. A backpack is also great for carrying your Airsoft gear when you're not playing.

Game Gear for Airsoft Tutorials

Gear Vests (Load Bearing Vests, LBV):

An LBV, or ALICE (All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment) is a harness with loose pockets hanging from it. The pockets are interchangeable, so if the user wants more ammo pockets, they just need to swap them out. An LBV is perfect for carrying a variety of equipment so that it is easily accessible. LBVs are available in green, black, and many camouflage patterns.


In Airsoft it is very important to merge with the surrounding terrain, since it is played at very short distances, and if you cannot be seen within 30 meters the chances of being shot decrease. Camouflage is the key if you want to blend in with your surroundings. Here are some of the most common different camouflage patterns:

Game Gear for Airsoft Tutorials

There are hundreds of camouflage patterns around the world, so you should choose the one that corresponds to your environment. Camouflage with rounded edges is best for forests with many leafy trees, and wefts with sharp edges are best when the forest is pine. A person wearing camouflage clothing should also camouflage the equipment so as not to expose themselves. All clothing such as hats, jacket, and backpacks should have the same pattern to increase camouflage, and to look better.

Game Gear for Airsoft Tutorials


The most common phrase regarding a camouflaged human is that although camouflaged, it still has the shape of a human. Therefore, to better melt and camouflage the wearer, the ghillie suit was invented in Scotland in the early XNUMXth century. A good ghillie makes its wearer almost impossible to see two meters away, assuming the wearer does not expose himself. A ghillie is made for specific environments, and cannot be used in other environments with the same level of effectiveness. The ghillie is very time consuming to make, and is made by hand.

Snipers often wear a ghillie. As mentioned before, in Airsoft you play at short distances, and a good ghillie gives your wearer an advantage. The drawbacks of the ghillie are the excessive heat they give, and they are embarrassing. If the wearer runs the ghillie it can be torn into pieces and possibly tangle it. The ghillie is sniper specific, and is not something the normal user should consider.

Clothing conversion tables:

An inch is 2.54 centimeters.

T-Shirts Bottoms

Size Chest Waist Leg

Measure Measure Length

X Small / Short 29 - 33 ″ 23 - 27 ″ 26 1/2 - 29 1/2 ″

X Small / Regular 29 - 33 ″ 23 - 27 ″ 29 1/2 - 32 1/2 ″

X Small / Long 29 - 33 ″ 23 - 27 ″ 32 1/2 - 35 1/2 ″

Small / Short 33 - 37 ″ 27 - 31 ″ 26 1/2 - 29 1/2 ″

Small / Regular 33 - 37 ″ 27 - 31 ″ 29 1/2 - 32 1/2 ″

Small / Long 33 - 37 ″ 27 - 31 ″ 32 1/2 - 35 1/2 ″

Medium / Short 37 - 41 ″ 31 - 35 ″ 26 1/2 - 29 1/2 ″

Medium / Regular 37 - 41 ″ 31 - 35 ″ 29 1/2 - 32 1/2 ″

Medium / Long 37 - 41 ″ 31 - 35 ″ 32 1/2 - 35 1/2 ″

Large / Short 41 - 45 ″ 35 - 39 ″ 26 1/2 - 29 1/2 ″

Large / Regular 41 - 45 ″ 35 - 39 ″ 29 1/2 - 32 1/2 ″

Large / Long 41 - 45 ″ 35 - 39 ″ 32 1/2 - 35 1/2 ″

X Large / Short 45 - 49 ″ 39 - 43 ″ 26 1/2 - 29 1/2 ″

X Large / Regular 45 - 49 ″ 39 - 43 ″ 29 1/2 - 32 1/2 ″

X Large / Long 45 - 49 ″ 39 - 43 ″ 32 1/2 - 35 1/2 ″

XX Large / Regular 49 - 53 ″ 43 - 47 ″ 29 1/2 - 32 1/2 ″

XX Large / Long 49 - 53 ″ 43 - 47 ″ 32 1/2 - 35 1/2 ″

International shoes and boots conversion table:

This table shows the conversion of American measures to those used in Europe, Asia and the United Kingdom.

America 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

United Kingdom 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Europe 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48

Asia 23½ 24½ 25½ 26½ 27½ 28½ 29½ 30½ 31½ 32½

Calculate your hat size:

Measure with a tape around your head.


Inches cm. size

20 3/8 ″ 52 6 1/2

20 3/4 ″ 53 6 5/8

21 1/8 ″ 54 6 3/4

21 1/2 ″ 55 6 7/8

22 ″ 56 7

22 3/8 ″ 57 7 1/8

22 3/4 ″ 58 7 1/4

23 1/8 ″ 59 7 3/8

23 1/2 ″ 60 7 1/2

24 ″ 61 7 5/8

24 3/8 ″ 62 7 3/4

Calculate your glove size:

Using a tape measure, measure around your palm at the widest place, not including your thumb.

small Medium Large X Large

Inches 6½ - 7 7½ - 8 8½ - 9 9½ - 10

Size 7 - 7½ 8 - 8½ 9 - 10½ 10½ - 11

Military size 3 4 5 6


The first thing people think about is probably the weapon and its accessories. It is also the part of Airsoft that costs the most, and therefore it is essential to make a good choice, so that the player is satisfied.

Basic information on weapons:

When you buy a gun make sure it's a good brand. Many of the best Airsoft weapons are made in Japan, so you should buy one of the Japanese brands, such as Tokyo Marui, Western Arms, TOP, KHC, KWC. Tanaka, Marushin, Maruzen, JAC or Asahi. The weapon will last longer, it will be easier to expand and find parts, and as a general rule they look better (more real).

Airsoft Guns use air or gas to propel a round projectile six millimeters in diameter. Air pressure is created by a small piston attached to a spring, located in a cylinder. When the gun is loaded, the piston recoils and the spring compresses. The piston is held in that position, and a projectile is placed in the barrel. When the trigger is pressed, the piston is released, and is released forward by the compressed spring. The piston compresses the air in front of you, and it is that air that drives the projectile.

Airsoft weapons are divided into three main types: Dock, Gas or Electric. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. All fire, as noted above, round projectiles six millimeters in diameter. There are them of different qualities and weights. Weights are 0.12g, 0.15g, 0.20g, 0.30, 0.36g, and 0,43g, with 0.20g and 0.25g being the most common. The lighter balls deviate more in the wind, and lose their energy earlier due to air resistance.

To limit the exit speed of the projectile, thus determining the legality of the weapon, the Energy of the projectile. A standard weapon has a maximum of 0.8 Joules of energy, which in a 0.20g round gives us 90m / s. The energy of the projectile is calculated with the following formula:

Ek = ½mv2

Each country has its laws. In Spain, Airsoft weapons are considered 4th category. At the Ministry of the Interior. In order to have them at home, it is necessary to have a permit issued by the Civil Guard or the Municipal Police of the municipality of residence.

A standard 0.8J weapon has an effective range of about 30 meters. By effective range I mean the distance at which the weapon will place 90% of the shots at a target of 30 centimeters. This means that the projectile is within 0.15m of the optimal trajectory.

Dock (Spring):

Spring pistols are the most common weapon for people starting Airsoft, and many players have one or more "springs" in their home. There are many brands and versions. The best spring guns are made by Tokyo Marui and KWC, but there are more quality manufacturers. Marui's weapons have an advantage in that they contain 25 BBs in their magazine, in contrast to KWCs, which can only store 12. The main advantage of any spring weapon is that its mechanism is simple, reliable, and precise. The best and most reliable precision rifles are the spring rifles. The biggest flaw they have is that the weapon must be cocked before each shot, so the fire rate is low.

Truly good and pretty rifles are worth the same or more than an AEG. A spring pistol is not expensive and you don't waste money when you later buy a gas gun or an AEG, as the spring pistol will be a reliable and cheap backup if your primary weapon stops working. A spring gun is not affected by water, unless the air chamber is filled with water. Therefore, you must empty the barrel of water before cocking the weapon, and not shoot underwater.


Gas weapons have been in use for a long time, the first being developed in the early XNUMXs. Since then there have been many advances, although today many gas rifles have been replaced by AEG weapons. Still, gas guns are insured when it comes to smaller Airsoft guns and pistols. The gas guns used today are reliable and good. The advantages of gas systems are: semi-automatic or automatic firing, high projectile speed (even being compact weapons), and a high degree of realism, since the new pistols are almost always Blowback versions, which produce recoil and move the slide. . Gas systems have drawbacks, such as gas consumption, more maintenance required, and the cooling that occurs when firing too quickly. Your performance

it depends on time and temperature. The hotter it is, the more speed you get.

Gas pistols are, as has been said, very common, because they are the only pistols that can fire in semi-automatic, or even automatic. The development of EBB (Electric Blowback) may change this in the future, but today the only pistol-sized weapons with good performance are gas ones. Gas weapons, as with any type of weapon, have good and bad systems, and there are huge performance differences between different weapons.

The cheapest guns are usually NBB (Non BlowBack), but an NBB uses about half as much gas as a GBB, since they should not operate the slide and cause recoil. Most BlowBack systems used today are good, and reliable weapons. The Magna BlowBack system is probably the best system. The earliest gas systems used external cylinders connected to the gun via a hose, but modern pistols use an internal gas chamber in the magazine.

The performance of gas weapons is similar to or slightly less than that of a standard AEG, but they are pistol-sized weapons, not rifles. Few work underwater, but they are better than an AEG in a wet environment.

Electric - AEG [Automatic Electric Gun]:

AEGs were introduced in the late XNUMXs, but their quality and reliability was not too good, making gas weapons the main weapons used. The system is always under continuous improvement, and today AEGs are the most common weapons on the battlefield.

The operation of the system is based on the use of an electric motor to push the piston and release it. The rate of fire can therefore be very high, and there is even a minigun capable of firing 100 BBs per second. Standard AEGs have a cheaper and more practical ratio of 12-18 BBs per second. The usual chargers have a capacity of 50 to 80 BBs. Most AEGs have a trigger selector that can choose semi-automatic (shot-by-shot) or automatic (burst) shooting.

Tokyo Marui is the largest manufacturer of AEG. The advantages of the AEG are their firing capacity, reliability, and the wide availability of spare parts and accessories, such as high capacity chargers (HiCap). Basic maintenance is easy, and unless you forget to charge the battery the AEG will work properly. The disadvantages are that AEGs are expensive to improve in performance, and that the engine case is something that most people should not mess around with. There is a downside that is more annoying. Due to the gears used in the engine case, an AEG will sometimes not fire when the trigger is pulled, if the fire selector is in semi-automatic mode. It happens on rare occasions, but when it happens, a burst in automatic mode will fix the problem.

In late 1999 Tokyo Marui introduced its new electric pistol. The system is called Electric Blowback, with acronym in English EBB. The first pistol to be featured was the Beretta M92. The advantages of using electricity as a power source is obvious, as there will be no gas related problems, and the gun will operate as long as it has batteries. The drawbacks are that an EBB does not have enough space to house a powerful system, which means that the pistol is underpowered, and that the grip is occupied by batteries, making the charger a pencil type. The only reason to buy an EBB is that they are cheap compared to a gas pistol, and can be reasonable backup weapons.

Rain and water drops are not a big problem for an AEG, but the weapon should not be used if there is a lot of water inside, or if the barrel is dirty or filled with water. If for some reason the AEG has been submerged in water, simply disconnect the battery and allow the gun to dry before using it. If the water was dirty, a complete cleaning will be necessary.

HopUp - The Bernoulli effect.

The Bernoulli effect is a physical law that mentions that if circular motion is applied to a projectile, excess pressure forms below the projectile, and a lack of pressure above it. These pressures affect the projectile in the same way as the wings of an airplane, to create an elevation. The projectile is propelled upward. If the Bernoulli effect is equal to the force of gravity, the projectile will travel farther and straighter, until the projectile loses energy and the Bernoulli effect stops working. The Tokyo Marui technicians developed this effect, and called it HopUp. The main difference that the user of the weapon notices is that the projectiles go further. The downside with the HopUp is that the effect needs to be adjusted to the weight of the projectile, the weapon cannot tilt, and it steals some of the energy from the projectile. But the drawbacks are outweighed by the range gained, which is why the HopUp is a standard that almost all weapons use.

There is another system to make the projectile have more range or more precision. The Cyclone system uses the fact that if a projectile rotates around the axis of the path it stabilizes itself. The Cyclone system is basically a spiral cannon, and produces a grouping of shots, but only within 15 meters. The shots will not go beyond 20 meters. The Cyclone system cannot be combined with the HopUp. Therefore, HopUp is the most common system.

HiCap Charger [High Capacity Charger]:

The standard chargers of an AEG usually have between 15 and 80 shots, but they are not usually cheap, and that is why HiCap Chargers were developed. These chargers are only available for AEG weapons. The magazine contains an empty space that is filled with balls. At the bottom of the loader is a spring that rotates a large wheel that brings balls to the feeder tube. These chargers do not cost much more than a normal charger, but they contain between 200 and 600 balls. In some loaders, not all balls can be fired in a long salvo, due to the small size of the magazine, so the spring that rotates the wheel must rewind approximately every 70 shots. The drawbacks are that the balls sound loose inside the charger, and that more maintenance work is necessary than with other chargers.


The tracer looks like a silencer, but inside it contains simple electronic components, which make up an infrared detector to detect if a ball is passing. If a ball is detected, a flash bulb is activated and the ball lights up. The end effect is that the ball glows in the dark, making it easy to see at night. The downside is that normal balls do not absorb light and special tracer balls are needed, which are worth about four times more than a normal ball. Many players leave the tracer hooked to the gun even during the day, because it looks like a decent silencer. 4 small batteries are required or the plotter will not work.

The choice of weapon:

The weapon is probably the most expensive item an Airsoft player buys, so a good choice is essential. The first decision must be where and how we will use the weapon. In close-range combat many players use a short or compact weapon, but most games are in long-range forests, so range is important. If the forest is very dense, even an MP5K can be too big at times. Therefore, you should consider the environment in which you are going to use the weapon. Weapons can be divided into four groups:

· Pistols and small submachine guns (SMG - Sub Machine Gun)

Automatic carbines and rifles.

· Support weapons (LMG - Light Machine Gun, light machine gun)

· Rifles and shotguns.

A pistol or submachine gun is a small, compact weapon that is used in close range and a large weapon is embarrassing. A pistol or submachine gun is good backup weapons. Examples of submachine guns are the MP5, the UZI, the M10 and the TMP. Many players buy one of these weapons and an MP5 first, as their usual choice.

Carbines and automatic rifles are the best weapons for any purpose. A longer barrel increases range and accuracy, and these weapons often have a larger ammunition capacity. The M16, G13, AUG, FA MAS, SiG550 series and AK47 are of this type. An advantage of these rifles is that they often house a large battery, giving them more capacity than a small weapon. Using a box magazine turns the rifle into a support weapon. These are the most common weapons and therefore it is the recommended option for the beginner.

Support weapons are often called LMG (Light Machine Gun). In Airsoft a support weapon has a huge magazine capacity, between 1000 and 4000 shots, and can fire long bursts. An LMG often has a bipod so that the user does not have to hold it for long. The M60, M249, and M63a1 are different support weapons. In normal games these weapons are used to defend, or to carry out suppression fire when friendly troops advance.

Airsoft rifles are special weapons due to their use and requirements. The typical sniper rifle is just a variant of the common hunting rifle, although the purpose is different. The mechanism is the same. A bolt is used to prepare the projectile, and with the same movement, the rifle. That is why almost all rifles are bolt action. There is no need to use semi-automatic fire, and a fully automatic rifle is not easy to target. At Airsoft this is different. There are no big setbacks, the distance is much shorter, and a second shot is often important. An improved spring rifle can be difficult to hammer and too much movement can betray the sniper, which is why many of the high powered rifles use gas systems. The bolt has yet to be operated, but the action is quicker, smoother, and no large movements are required.

A shotgun in Airsoft is also a special weapon. There are spring and gas shotguns, the latter being semi-automatic. Gas shotguns use cartridges, each storing 5 to 10 BBs, which all fire at once. Spring shotguns usually have a ball magazine, and each shot uses 3 BBs. The spring shotguns must be cocked between shots, to prepare new BBs, and compress the spring. Shotguns are not recommended for beginners. There are players who use shotguns, but have been playing for a long time.

Gas or electric. A beginner should buy a rifle or electric carbine. They are reliable and easy to use and maintain weapons. A gas gun requires gas, while an AEG only needs the battery to be charged. Weapons cost roughly the same, but an AEG is much easier to buy and there are many more parts. The AEG must be one of the standard Tokyo Marui weapons.

It is better that the battery is of the large type (1300mAh), since it will last longer, and since it is the same type of battery that radio control cars are easy to find. The smallest batteries (600mAh) last until 1000 to 1500 shots have been fired, but that will depend on the type of fire carried out. Fully automatic tripping consumes less current than shot-by-shot shooting. The number of shots fired will depend on the player and his style of play. Some players fire 20 times if they see a branch move, and others only fire one shot if they have someone in their sights.

Barrel length affects the accuracy and range of the weapon, but a weapon with a long barrel is usually large, and difficult to use in dense terrain. One solution is to use a Bullpup (puppy) type weapon. In a standard automatic rifle the fire mechanism and magazine are in front of the grip. In a bullup design the mechanism and magazine are located behind the stock, so the barrel can be as long as an automatic rifle, being the weapon the size of a carbine. The FA MAS and Steyr AUG are bullpup type weapons.

Marui's AEGs use three types of engines: EG560, EG700 and EG1000. The EG560 is the oldest and weakest engine. The EG1000 is the most modern, and most powerful. There is no need for a more powerful engine unless you want to expand the weapon, but an EG700 will always be preferable to an EG560.

Ask others what they think positive and negative about their weapons, and read reviews that other people have written. It is important to seek information and get all the opinions you can. Don't just trust an opinion. Avoid posting messages to discussion forums as much as possible asking people which weapon you should choose, because that question has been asked many times and the information is available in reviews and archived forum posts. In the end there is only one thing that matters: that the person who must use the weapon enjoys and is happy with the choice. And don't let the price influence the decision. Look at it this way: it is stupid to spend a lot of money on a weapon that you like, when for a little more you can have the one that you like the most. Everything else is secondary. Trust me.

When you have decided which weapon you should buy, look at different dealers, and compare their prices, but do not forget that some sell the weapon with a battery and a battery charger, and some do not. So you shouldn't just look at the price. Calculate the cost of the whole package (weapon, battery, balls, battery charger and other accessories), add the price of transport, and if you order abroad, calculate the customs charge. I recommend when you start that you buy in the same country where you live. It is cheaper and easier to talk to someone from the same country.


Battery charger:

A battery charger is mandatory in order to use an AEG. There are different types of chargers: fast, slow and automatic. It is important not to overcharge the battery, as they can burn you. Many batteries burn if their internal temperature exceeds 50ºC. A burned battery will never work as well, and its capacity will be greatly depleted. The safest way to charge a battery is to charge it slowly, in about 14-16 hours. In this way the battery is fully charged, and is not damaged if the charge continues for a few hours.

If the battery becomes slightly discharged and then recharged, a memory effect may develop and the battery cannot be fully charged, even if it is fully discharged and recharged.

The ammunition [BB]:

This is one of the mandatory accessories. If you don't have ammo, you won't be able to use your Airsoft replica. All Airsoft weapons use 6.00 mm plastic or biological projectiles, although there are a variety of weights.

Almost all quality spring guns like the ones in Tokyo Marui or KWC use 0,25 gram balls. The AEG with adjustable HopUp can use balls in the range of 0.12 to 0.30 grams, although what is recommended is 0.20 and 0.25 grams. Never keep loose balls in a pocket, as lint and other materials can end up inside the gun or magazine, and it is not recommended. Store the balls in a sealable bag. Biodegradable projectiles are best for use in the field, because they will dissolve in a couple of weeks in a humid environment. Below is a table indicating the ball weights and their use:

0.12g Used only in cheap gas and spring weapons. Lots of speed and little stability. 0.15g Same as 0.12g.

0.20g Standard weight for most weapons. AEGs use these, or heavier ones.

0.25g Heaviest for standard AEG, and spring and blowback gas guns.

0.30g The standard for many sniper rifles.

0.36g Heavy projectiles. Very slow, but highly stable.

0.43g Metal coated projectiles for target shooting.

Biodegradable projectiles are available in 0.20g and 0.25g.

Plotter shells are available in 0.15g, 0.20g and 0.25g.

Backup charger [Clip]:

It is important to purchase one or more backup chargers as you will be using them. If you use an AEG, you can buy a HiCap instead of standard chargers. A magazine empties very quickly in a confrontation.

Charger flange:

This is a smart invention. The flange holds two chargers together, so changing chargers takes one to two seconds. Films often feature insulated tape-bound chargers, one face down. This is not highly recommended as there is a good chance of dirtying the charger upside down. And that dirt will end up in your gun. That is why flanges are a good invention if you do not use HiCap chargers. The SIG55x rifle chargers can be assembled without the need for flanges.

Replacement battery:

It is recommended to have a spare battery, even if you don't drain one in a full day. A battery may stop working or be completely discharged by a short circuit. Investing in a replacement battery is always a good option, but you can wait for your funds to recover.


A good strap is worth it. You can carry your weapon comfortably without the risk of it falling. And a strap is not expensive or difficult to find.

Different targeting aids:

Open sights or Iron sights:

Open sights are the usual metal sights for weapons. They work in most situations, but in low light they are useless. But a little light paint or tritium makes open sights useful in any condition.

Telescopic sight:

In an Airsoft gun a telescopic sight is not very useful since the distances are small, but if you think that a sight is useful, use it. The best sights for Airsoft are those with low magnification and a large field of view. The 4 × 32 or 4 × 40 sights are the most practical. More magnification than 4 is not recommended. Sniper rifles must use a scope or they will not look good. Sights are useful in low light because they are focused, but the diameter of the lens should be as large as possible.

Red point:

Many red dot sights have no magnification, instead they have a cross in the middle of the scope, with a bright red dot. The difference is that if you shoot, wherever the red dot is it will be an impact, therefore, a red dot is quick to use to aim. Red dot sights can be used with both eyes open, thereby increasing the field of view. A large tube is important. Please do not buy any smaller than 25mm.

Laser pointers:

Laser pointers are fun and useful, but they give the user away. The main advantage of a laser pointer lies in the speed of aiming. Also, the enemy knows that a projectile will follow the laser when the red dot passes over a head. The laser pointer can be difficult to see if there is a lot of sun (Laser pointers are dangerous if pointed at the eyes.)


Lanterns are great for use in dark buildings at dusk and at night. They make it easier to see in the dark, but they reveal the user's location. Therefore you should use them at the right time. The main drawback is that flashlights destroy night vision for both white and anyone who sees the light well.

Night Vision Gear (NVG):

This is the most rare sight that an Airsoft weapon can have. A night viewfinder increases night vision, and the user can see as if it were daytime. An infrared light makes the user able to see in total darkness. Night vision goggles were developed during the XNUMXs and current ones are much better than those early developments. A night vision is not cheap, and a new generation one can cost several times more than one of the cheapest, but obviously they are better.

First generation:

Light enhancement: 1000x

Generation 1 is often large and misbehaving in starlight. The image is distorted and full of static. The light enhancement tube lasts about 2000 hours.

Second generation:

Light enhancement: 20'000x

This is a clear improvement over the first generation, and can be used in starlight. Generation II + is an improvement with better contrast. The tube has a life expectancy of 2500 to 4000 hours.

Third generation:

Light enhancement: 30'000-50'000x

This is the best of the generations available. Generation III can see light from the infrared spectrum better, making the image better and clearer. The tube lasts about 10000 hours.


After a time many players start to think about improvements for their weapon. The first thing they probably think about is increasing the starting speed to gain extra distance. But the only weapons that need to increase their range are rifles like snipers. Major enhancements do not increase performance, but extend the life of the weapon and make it stronger. Many players settle for changing the battery to a larger one, and installing a slightly stronger grinder.

When an Airsoft weapon is upgraded to increase muzzle velocity, the life expectancy of the weapon will decrease. The power of an Airsoft gun depends on three factors: the force of the spring that pushes the piston forward, the amount of air the piston compresses, and the accuracy of the barrel. When a weapon is greatly improved it becomes a specialized tool for serious Airsoft skirmishes, and empty firing (without balls) forces the pieces much more.


There are two ways to measure the strength of a spring compared to a standard spring: percentage system and meter per second system. A standard AEG has a muzzle velocity of 90m / s (100%) with a 0.20g ball. An M100 spring increases this speed to 100 m / s. The corresponding spring in percentage system would be 110%. There are springs M100, M120, M130, M140, M150 and M160. A very powerful spring needs the entire gearbox to be changed.

Bearings and washers:

The shafts inside the gear box are hooked to the housing by small plastic bearings, and these will end up breaking. If these bearings are exchanged for metal ones, the life of the motor housing will increase (some players say double). The washers ensure that the gears are precisely aligned. These washers can be changed to synthetic ones to reduce friction, although I personally rely more on metal than synthetic ones.


The barrel is a standard Airsoft weapon and has an internal diameter of 6,12mm. If this barrel is exchanged for a precision barrel with an internal diameter of 6,04 mm, the amount of air that seeps through the space between the ball and the barrel is reduced, and the benefit is that less momentum is lost. Approximately 5% extra speed is gained. The downside is that the barrel suffers more jams. A long barrel increases the range, but it cannot be very long because otherwise we will have more air inside the barrel than the amount that the piston can provide. It can create a vacuum and retard the projectile.

There is a method called "crater cutting". It causes that just before the ball leaves the barrel, the air exits and causes a hole in the air wall that forms in the muzzle of the weapon. It is not something the common player uses and is only used by players trying to increase the distance as much as possible.


If the voltage of a battery increases, so do the shots per minute from an AEG motor. All standard batteries have a voltage of 8.4V and the only difference between the different sizes is the capacity. One large battery has a capacity of 1300 mAh, while the other small batteries have 600 mAh. This means that a large battery will give around twice as many shots. Improvements in the gearbox reduce the firing ratio, so if you use a battery with a higher voltage, such as 9.6V or 10.8V you will not notice a reduction, or you can even increase the rate of fire. A higher voltage wears down the motor faster, so more maintenance will be needed. It is possible to use a 12V battery to power an AEG, but it is not recommended because it greatly increases wear and tear, the trigger contacts burn out earlier, and the service time is visibly reduced.

A battery with more capacity (more mAh) can be used for a longer time, and can fire more times. An upgraded weapon needs more current, and the number of shots that can be fired will decrease unless a larger battery is used. Common batteries are NiCd (nickel cadmium), but there is another type called NiMH (nickel metal hydride). NiMH normally has more capacity (mAh), but they cannot provide very high currents, so they will not work well with Airsoft guns, unless they are very large (over 3000-5000mAh). NiMH is more expensive and complicated to recharge, and does not have to be charged with quick chargers.


The gears in a standard motor case have a life expectancy of about 30.000 shots. Replacement gears will last longer, being made of better material. There are gear sets that increase the firing ratio and reduce motor power, or reduce the firing ratio and increase motor power. Helical-cut gears are special in that they have a better grip on each other, and they don't engage as easily as standard ones. The largest supplier of upgrades and parts is Systema.


It is a small metal or plastic injector that transfers air from the cylinder to the projectile. It is a cheap upgrade and the speed of the projectile is slightly increased.


Many improvements reduce the rate of fire. Switching to a more powerful engine the rate of fire is not reduced as much. An improved AEG must have at least one EG700 engine. The most powerful engine is the EG1000. All new models launched by Tokyo Marui have EG1000 engines, but many of the older models have the EG700 or even the EG560. Not all AEGs can improve their engine. If the spring is not replaced by something more powerful than an M120 the EG560 motor can work, but the battery will need to be changed to a 9,6V or even 10.8V.


A piston can be equipped with either a "silent" or an "anti-vacuum" head. The silent piston head reduces the impact the piston makes on the cylinder, and also reduces noise. The anti-vacuum piston head prevents a vacuum from forming in the cylinder.

Gearbox (Mechbox):

It is a new gearbox with better gears, a harder spring, injection and other improvements. It is not a cheap upgrade, but endurance and life expectancy are increased, as are shooting power and overall performance. A new gearbox is not available for all models, such as the FA MAS, which does not have improvements in the gearbox.

There are different versions of gear boxes as they are used in different weapon models.

Version 1: used only in FA MAS.

Version 2: It is the most common and is used in the M16, G3 and MP5 series.

Version 3: used in AK47, MP5K / MP5K PDW and Sig SG55x.

Version 4: used only on PSG-1 and is semi-automatic.

Version 5: used in the UZI and has a recoil system.

Metal body:

This upgrade doesn't come cheap, but durability and damage resistance will increase, as does the look of the weapon. Older models often have cheaper metal bodies than newer ones.

Another team:

Aside from weapons, protection, and clothing, there are other things players should have, such as a watch, tools, something to eat and drink, and a first aid kit.

Wrist watch:

All players must wear a wristwatch, as many games have a time limit, and help coordinate actions with the rest of the team.


A multipurpose tool like a Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman is something that many players have and use. They are useful for making small repairs in the field, and are also useful when cooking or doing other activities. But make sure you have them in a safe place. Store the tool so that no one, including you, can be harmed.

Food and drink:

As any experienced player knows, you need food and a drink while you play. Always carry some liquid with you to drink, since dehydration is a problem. Water, juice or the like are the best drinks. DO NOT drink coffee, CocaCola or tea.

Even food must be chosen carefully. Fruit, pasta or the like are the best to eat during the game. Don't eat chocolate bars. Yes, they give energy for a short period of time, but then the amount of sugar in the blood decreases. And the chocolate becomes sticky when it's hot.

No matter what you do, don't drink alcohol before or during the game.

First aid:

Make sure there is always someone who can use and have a first aid kit on the battlefield. Airsoft is not a dangerous sport, but accidents can happen, and first aid can be the difference between having to rest for a couple of days or being in bed for weeks. If first aid is given incorrectly, further damage can be caused. And don't forget that in the majority of accidents that happen to you, you are responsible.

Novice guide

By: Orestes García

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