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John Wick has taken control of the Hotel Continental by purchasing the building at the previous event in the series.

The surviving mafias and famiglias want to regain control of the city and create a new high table, where there will be no place for Mr. Wick. They are aware that Baba Yaga has found new allies, by making a pact with the beggars clan, who control New York, and who are their eyes and ears.

But the blood shed so far cries out for revenge, and new pacts and alliances threaten the orderly activity of the Continental Hotel.
Will the Yakuzas, Maras, Ruskis and other clans manage to seize power from the new messiah, from the select club of Assasins ..?

Come create your story and determine the outcome, with your own abilities.

Accept the challenge of The CONTINENTAL…. !!!

Themed Airsoft game based on the Jhon Wick universe.
Team / clan play. Limited places. Open event. Over 18 years.
Contribution: € 10. To pay in the field the day of the event.

Event regulations and requirements.

Various clans to choose from:

Russian mafia
LATINO poster

These groups are just an example to follow, but you can create your own, as if you are the clan of the "pink unicorns". The theme is to characterize us in a peculiar way to make the plot of this game more immersive. And believe me if I tell you, it's much more fun.

The only weapons not allowed are sniper bolt, DMR or similar, support weapons and any type of grenade. All others, within their category and safety distance. All weapons will fire in semi or shot to shot for the duration of the game.

In breafing, the most basic safety rules will be explained.


Basically it is a confrontation between rival clans, to gain control of the Continental Hotel, and eliminate John Wick and his select group of Assasins. The Hotel building is a sanctuary for assassins and no one can kill another, within the Continental facilities, if someone violates this golden rule, they will be immediately eliminated and will NOT be able to play again throughout the game.

Clans will be able to stay in the different rooms and floors of the building, to maintain their privacy and immunity and plan their strategies. The building can be accessed through several different points to avoid crossing rival clans. You cannot shoot from outside to inside and vice versa. Each participant will be given a GOLD COIN, to acquire new weapons and ammunition. Well everyone starts the game with a knife (dummy) and a pistol with its magazine, nothing more.

All your weapons and ammunition must be delivered to the reception of the Hotel, and you will withdraw them, as you earn COINS through the different missions that we are going to deliver. Coins are limited and exchanges for other objects are not allowed. But you can negotiate among yourselves and agree alliances between clans to achieve objectives. The prices to acquire your weapons may vary during the game, your negotiating skills with the Hotel receptionist depend on you.

The Hotel will respawn for everyone and a rotation of lives will be established, depending on the number of players. Other respawn will be enabled as the game progresses.

When you visit the Hotel, take the opportunity to reload ammunition and fill your magazines, since using the Costa Rican or gas to recharge, is penalized with the elimination of the player and goes to RESPAWN. Inside the Hotel you can carry weapons, but avoid pointing at anyone, as it can be considered a serious offense.
Most of the contracts or missions will be sent via wathsapp to those who provide a tel number. where they will find more information than the rest who do not use this application. We are a criminal organization that uses the latest technologies, don't forget, Ladies and Gentlemen and ...
welcome to CONTINENTAL.
Behind the doors of the Continental hotel, hides the most varied fauna of hitmen, you can be one of them for a few hours. Everyone wants to be like John Wick, but there is only one Baba Yaga. You dare to challenge the new Messiah of the Assasins ..?
Come and stay at the Continental, we guarantee you a stay ... death.

“There is a part of me that I want to recover, next to the ring to which my memories are linked. The lucky one who succeeds… I will not only spare his life, but also… I will let my dog ​​walk… ”


Clans must be a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 9. If you belong to a larger group of players, divide them into several clans. Those participants who have signed up for free must choose a group from those already created.
I QUITE again that the clans shown in this event are random, and you can create the clan that you like the most, the important thing is that you identify with each other, and adopt the role you have chosen.

After the event there will be a draw for replicas contributed by our sponsors.


To sign up, you must contact Harry Bronco privately, either by whatsapp (640 343 457), via Messenger, Instagram or Facebook.
You must provide full name and ID, to sign up in list.


8: 00 14 has: 00 h.

Location of the field.

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