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Op. Abismo - El Desenlace, by Comando Tóxico


Op. Abismo - El Desenlace, from Toxic Commando Eventos

The risk of a worldwide attack by the Iranians unfortunately remains latent.

Although the NATO in the previous operations has managed to economically reduce them, the Iranians continue to have in their possession the missiles that they took from NATO in Op. Abyss 3.0.

Given the current situation and knowing that the Iranians want to attack the world to gain total world control, NATO has recruited the best soldiers from various countries to launch a definitive offensive and end the Iranian threat. They are physically and mentally strong soldiers, prepared and trained for any warlike action in which they are needed.

On the other hand, the Iranians have recruited dangerous mercenaries and Taliban who, together with their well-trained army, are taking strategic positions of defense and preparing the missiles for launch on the 1st N, this time they have learned from mistakes made in previous conflicts and are well armed and organized which makes them a dangerous enemy to shoot down.

The special forces formed by various countries belonging to NATO are finalizing details and preparing the offensive. Intelligence does not rest and spies on all Iranian movements, although it is difficult because technologically they are strong and it is difficult to decode their messages. On the ground the movement is confusing and they do not get exact locations of the key points which makes it difficult to organize an attack in exact areas today, they must learn on the ground and collect information that reveals the key points to attack.

Faced with an uncertain future, the world is preparing for the worst. Iranian intentions are no longer a secret to the world population, and businesses are beginning to be short of supplies. The countries in such a situation are preparing nuclear bunkers and an escape plan for the population in case the Iranians achieve their objective, but still they know that if the Iranians achieve their objective there will be no escape and the world must surrender to them.

A great battle is approaching with arduous warriors on both sides, well prepared and armed, it will not be an easy battle for either. The confusion and fear is intense in the face of the situation.

Op. Abyss “The End” begins!

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