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Game types or variants of Airsoft Game

Game types or variants of Airsoft Learning Game

Almost all Airsoft skirmishes can be classified into one of the following two groups.

MilSim it means that players try to use the tactics and style of military units, and the game is usually strategic, such as Defending the Base, Attacking the Base, Search and Destruction or similar.

TacSim it is the simulation of tactical situations. SWAT-style skirmishes are a type of TacSim.

Game variants:

Last man standing (Last homo statans): All against all in a game often limited in time and playing surface.

Return to the origins: A game where only spring weapons are allowed. Ammunition may be limited.

Exterminate (Team mot team): Two teams fight each other until time runs out or one team is eliminated.

Capture the Flag: Two teams fight each other and try to capture each other's flag to take it to their own base. The flag must be carried visibly. This scenario can be played in two variants: "Live Flag" or "Dead Flag". In "Bandera Viva" if the flag bearer dies, someone else can take it. In "Dead Flag", the wearer must return the flag to the enemy's base, before being able to capture it again.

Two bases, one flag: In this game there are two bases, but only one flag that must be placed in the center of the field between the two bases. A team starts at each base. The objective is to bring the flag to the enemy's base. When the flag reaches the base of the enemy, it loses. If the flag bearer dies, anyone can take the flag.

Catch the flag: Two teams, or more, trying to be the first to reach the flag. The team that manages to reach the flag alive wins. This game should be played on fairly open ground.

Traitors: Again two teams in a Capture the Flag version. But the referee at his discretion chooses one player from each team, who will have both team markers. Try to choose a player who was not very lucky during the day. Inform the teams that they have a traitor. The game unfolds as a Capture the flag, but after 5 minutes of game the traitors can change teams whenever they want. Don't trust your partners.

Man hunting: One volunteer player is the prey and the rest are the hunters. The prey is given a pistol and some ammunition, and hunters can use whatever they want. Hunters must be between 4 and 10. The prey wins if it manages to reach a specific place in the specified time. The hunter who shoots the prey wins. Hunters cannot shoot each other.

Bounty hunters: A scenario in which each one feeds for himself. Each player receives a team marker. At a signal, the players run across the field. At the next signal the game begins. When someone is eliminated, they must give the team marker to the eliminator. The eliminator chooses whether the eliminated should move towards him, or vice versa. Team building is not allowed, and whoever does so will be disqualified. The playing time must be at least one hour, and the player who wins is the one with the most markers.

Wanted, preferably dead: A small team, 20% of the players (prisoners) must move through an area that is guarded by 80% of the other players. Prisoners may not carry any type of large weapon, or support weapon. The guards can choose the weapon they want. Each prisoner who reaches the goal is considered a winner. The time limit is between 30 minutes and several hours.

Raid command: A small group forms the commands. The rest of the players divide to defend the objectives. Defenders come out first and start saving targets. Each objective must be defended by the same number of players as the command group. Commands are brought to an area outside the game space. This will be your insertion and extraction point. When the commandos have completed their mission, at least a third party must return to the starting point or they cannot win. Inform the commandos that they must reach a point in the playing area, the Launch Zone, where they can find information on which targets to attack and where to find the flag. When they have captured the flag they must leave it in the Launch Zone and return to the extraction point. There has to be a time limit. The guards can barricade themselves and command patrols, but they cannot leave targets unprotected.

Skydivers: Two teams are divided. A quarter of the players are the paratroopers, who are blindfolded and taken to the Launch Zone. In the launch zone they are given a simple map of the area. The other players divide to defend three objectives in the area. The objective of the paratroopers is to destroy a target, taking their flag and return to the Collection Point. When the referee in the Pickup Zone gets the flag, the paratroopers win. The map must be buggy, and one of the objects must be in the wrong place, or an extra flag may be indicated.

Hostage rescue: Again two teams divide. One team is divided between "Hostages" and "Rescue", while the members of the other team are the guards. Hostages are divided into various locations. The Rescue team may carry extra weapons for the Hostages. Hostages can attempt to escape, but can then be killed (shot while trying to flee). At least 50% of the Hostages must be rescued.

SWAT, eliminate terrorists: A classic. A SWAT team (25% of the players) must clear an area of ​​terrorists. Recommended to do it in a building.

The murderous house: A player or a small team should clean a house that has been prepared by the organizers in the shortest possible time. Each room must be cleaned of enemies, but there can be no friendly fire.

Assassins: Two players must eliminate a specific player and reach their entry point before time runs out.

Kill the officers: Two teams, each with an officer. The objective is to eliminate the official of the opposite team without killing the official himself. Ammunition may be limited. Another variant is that the officer cannot move.

King of the hill: A third of the players barricade themselves on a relatively open hill or area and the rest of the players are the attackers. At the top of the hill is a flag, and the team closest to it when time runs out wins. The hill must offer a lot of protection.

Reinforcement: It is a variant of the King of the Hill with two teams. A small group (one third) is chosen from one of the teams. This group is entrenched on the hill, protecting the flag, while the other team is located below the hill, outside the firing range. The remaining two thirds of the first team are brought to a location 5-10 minutes from the base of the hill. The team closest to the flag when the game is over wins. The playing time should be between 20 and 40 minutes.

Zombies: Another team versus team scenario, but all eliminated players must go to an additional exit point. When three eliminated players reach this point, they form a zombie team and can play again. The new zombie team fights against the other teams, including other zombie teams. The game ends when there is only one player left from the original teams.

Trenches: A rectangular area of ​​about 50x125m is divided into 10 2x5m sectors. The two teams should be large, about 15-40 people, and should start on the short opposite sides of the field. The team that controls the most sectors when the game is over wins. At least 2 men without enemies are needed to control a sector. Injured meat rule is used.

Take the doll: A doll (stuffed, the size of a man and weighing at least 40Kg.) Is in the center of the square play area. The area is open, and flat, but with plenty of trash to cover. Each side is the starting point of a team of 3 to 5 players. The objective is to take the doll and take it to your side. This game is supposed to be fast and intense. It is basically a Capture the Flag in a ring version. CQB (Close Quarter Battle): In-building versions of many games. It is often played in a large house or several houses.


By: Orestes García

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