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MilSim Rules


MilSim Rules for Airsoft ODYSA games and events


Rules of the MilSim Learning
MilSim URS-SASR-TF66 Airsoft Kit

The events and games of Airsoft MilSim are those that seek to introduce, on the rules of Airsoft, components and methods that pursue an approach to the simulation mode of tactical and military actions in a realistic way, emulating the operations of security forces, tactical teams and real military bodies.

The contents of this regulation for court games MilSim is an annex that expands the regulations of Airsoft rules. All the contents included here are complementary to the regulations without prejudice to the original text and regulations.


Rules of the MilSim Learning
Airsoft ammunition

Origin of BBs ammunition for Airsoft

The maximum amount of ammunition that a player can carry when starting the game is ruled at the point INITIAL AMOUNT OF AMMUNITION, explained below.

Obtaining additional ammunition

Players will be able to obtain additional ammunition by:

The direct provision at the discretion of the organization.

The organization has full power to ammunition when it deems appropriate to either side at stake.

Theft of ammunition from wounded or captured players.

The ammunition he carries on him can be stolen from any player fallen during the game, without the player having any option to defend or oppose in any way.

All ammunition can be stolen, both the ammunition mounted in chargers and stored in your game equipment.

The wounded man may refuse to give information about where he carries the ammunition.

Solidarity rationing between players.

Sharing ammunition is permitted. This can be delivered from one player to another at any time, even a common boat can be created in the deployment area, or headquarters.


Rules of the MilSim Learning
Airsoft MilSim Ammo Loaders

Ammunition for aprimary signature:

The initial ammunition will be granted according to the replica of greater capacity that the player carries.

ReplicaNumber of BBs
Submachine gun350

Ammunition for asecondary signature:

ReplicaNumber of BBs

About chargers

For pistols, shotguns, fossils, submachine guns, DMRs and snipers, all magazines greater than 70 BBs are prohibited.

Chargers allowed
NomenclatureBBs capacity
Prohibited chargers
NomenclatureBBs capacity
MidCap, Hi-cap ...> 70
For supporting replicas

The supporting replicas can use their high capacity chargers, with the ammunition delivered being their limitation.


Rules of the MilSim Learning
Instructional moment of an Airsoft mission

Organizational structure of the side

Rules of the MilSim Learning
  • Each Group Leader will be a Platoon Sergeant.
  • The Sergeants will elect 4 Lieutenants by vote.
  • Lieutenants by vote will elect a Captain.

Each Sergeant may choose his NCOs and specialists. For this, the organization will delegate a number of roles to distribute within its platoon.


Rules of the MilSim Learning
Organization of sides of the game before starting the Airsoft game

Captain (1): Company Chief

It has the task of channeling and distributing the orders between the organization and the Lieutenants. It also has the ability to transmit to the Deputy Base Organizer the demands of your company.

You will need to work side by side with your 3 Field Lieutenants.

Lieutenants (3): Section Head

His job is to coordinate the work of the platoons that make up his section, and at the same time keep well connected with his Captain. It will also be your responsibility to guide the "resurrected" players to find their platoon sergeant.

Sergeants (9): Platoon leader (Group leader)

The platoon sergeants have a great job ahead of them. In addition to choosing Lieutenants, they must organize their platoon as they see fit. They should distribute the Cabo roles and organize their squads and also distribute the special roles that the organization will deliver.

Once on the battlefield, they must coordinate with their Lieutenant to carry out the missions that the game entails.

Cape (T * / 4): Squad Leader

The corporal directs his squad. The squads can be created by a sergeant who deems it appropriate. The squad corporal is responsible for maintaining contact with his platoon sergeant.

* T: Total approximate players.


Rules of the MilSim Learning
Organizer ODYSA with Sergeant of the Tango team.

The ranks and roles are transferable with the approval of the Game Director on his side of your Headquarters. We will change the marking.


The head of each participating team will be a Sergeant.

With the organization, it will assign the specialist roles among its personnel.

Sergeants may agree to appoint a Lieutenant to coordinate operations on the ground.


Specialist roles wear a second cuff over the side cuff.

SERGEANT: Blue marking.

The Sergeant is the leader and spokesperson for his platoon.

SANITARY: White marking.

A sanitary can perform all normal actions like any player in addition to those specific to his role.


The engineers are provided with NBQR suits.

Specific jobs only for Engineers:

  • Always work in a protective suit, inside laboratories and while transporting dangerous materials.
  • Laying and removing mines from the roads. (Only dirt roads.)
  • Detonate pyrotechnic charges.

RADIO OPERATORS: Green marking.

His mission is to channel and improve the communications of his team as well as contact the organization when necessary. MORSE knowledge and carrying two full stations is recommended.


Rules of the MilSim Learning
Camouflage Military Uniform for Airsoft

Side ID bracelet

Sierra side: Black bracelet right arm.
Side Tango: Brown bracelet on the left arm.

Recommended uniforms

Uniformity of the Bando Sierra
Uniformity of the Bando Tango


Rules of the MilSim Learning
Red scarf to indicate the status of the Airsoft player

We have implemented a new element that we believe can be very playful, the Red Scarf. This handkerchief serves to indicate the different states by which a player can be found.

Bandana on chest: Player injured.

Head Scarf: Player removed.

Neck Scarf: Prisoner Player.


Rules of the MilSim Learning
Airsoft toilet to the aid of an injured partner.

Player health states

Active Player <-> Injured Player -> Eliminated Player

An impact, an injured player. When a ball hits any part of the player, the player is injured. In torso, hand, canteen, hat brim, all this is cause of falling injured. A second impact does not aggravate the situation.

When a Player is injured

  • You must communicate it out loud: "-Harido!"
  • You must break your life belt on your arm.
  • You must remain lying on the ground.
  • You must cover your chest with the Red Scarf.
  • You must activate your timer to calculate the 10 minutes before being eliminated.

All injured players must wait 10 minutes where they were hit before being eliminated.

An injured person cannot move himself from the place where he received the injury.

Eliminated players must retreat to their base so that only one ORGANIZER returns them to the game as reinforcement.

If, when eliminated, a player decides to return to base, he must cover his head with the Red Scarf and remain with it until he is returned to play. At night the red scarf can be replaced by a red light.

Injured with limited time

  • An injured player will be eliminated if he does not receive medical or auxiliary assistance within 10 minutes.
  • A non-medical partner can extend the casualty's time by an additional 10 minutes by giving him a basic vital support. This is applied by pressing a dummy wound on the Red Bandana on the chest. The wounded person will remain stable as long as his partner does not lose physical contact between them. If after the first 10 minutes, being in the second period of 10 minutes, the auxiliary companion loses physical contact with the injured person, even for an instant, the latter is eliminated.

The eliminated player must return his base.

Actions with injured players

There are three things that can be done by an injured partner:

  • One or more active players may move an injured teammate from the place where he was hit. The injured player cannot run or walk, he can only crawl or push himself with his feet while dragging him.
  • A non-medical player may give him additional time by providing Basic Life Support to the injured player.
  • The medic is the only player who can return a casualty to active play using the "Healing Procedure."

When a player is returned to active play, he may contact his Section Lieutenant to find out how to re-engage in his platoon.

Physician request

When a player falls injured, he is allowed to call his toilet loudly at intervals of not less than two minutes. You should do it with a short phrase and not repeat it more than once. This is to avoid continual calls for help preventing active players from perceiving sounds emitted by nearby opposing players.

Prohibition of winks and signs

Injured or eliminated players cannot communicate anything to any player in the game. It is especially forbidden to wink and / or signal that can provide information on the state of the game or the situation of an enemy player. They have enough with their current situation.

Coverage with injured

It is prohibited to use injured or eliminated players as cover.


Rules of the MilSim Learning
Sanitary cuff

If a player is found injuredcan be returned to play by a toilet using the healing procedures described here.

The toilet can recover those players who were injured in a previous period of less than 10 minutes, or who are still receiving a Basic vital support by a partner.

Healing procedure

The toilet must remain next to the injured for one minute.

The healing procedure involves putting the red scarf in the wounded player's pocket.


Rules of the MilSim Learning
Soft dummy knife for Airsoft

Voice Injury or Courtesy Rule

To eliminate at these distances, simply point it at him and say "-BANG", whenever he is in a position that does not allow him to react. If in doubt both players are injured.

The hunted player must shout "-Injured"

It is not possible to "eliminate by voice" a player who is more than 5 meters away.

Knife removal or silent death

This type of injury occurs when we touch the opponent without him perceiving that we are going to do it. This type of wound cannot be treated by the injured player's Health.

The eliminated player must not shout anything.

The eliminated player must remain inert so as not to betray the player who has eliminated him with knife until you have moved a safe distance away.

NOTE: For safety we must avoid shooting at short distances (5 meters or less).


Rules of the MilSim Learning
Prisoners escorted for questioning.

How prisoners are produced

  • If a Sanitary heals a wounded adversary, he becomes a hostage.
  • If a player hurts under the "Knife Elimination" rule, he does not require a Toilet to obtain his prisoner.
  • One or more disadvantaged players may surrender to their opponents.

Prisoner marking

We will identify the new prisoner by tying his Red Scarf, by way of marking, on his neck. The prisoner must wear the Red Handkerchief in this manner until he is released, reactivates as an active player, or is eliminated.

Prisoner Options

A prisoner must obey the captors during their detention transit to the captors' base.

The prisoner's replica weapons become unusable after registration by his captors.

  • A prisoner can lie.
  • A prisoner can negotiate.
  • A prisoner may untie the Red Handkerchief of another prisoner.
  • A prisoner can flee if he does not wear the Prisoner Marking.
  • A prisoner can eliminate using the "Close range wound" rule if he remains with only one captor.
  • A prisoner cannot remove his Red Scarf.
  • A prisoner cannot escape while wearing the prisoner's Red Scarf.
  • A prisoner must not hand over anything he carries. (Replicas, radio, belongings)
  • A prisoner cannot use replicas even if he has got rid of the marking until he comes into contact with members of his side who have not been captured.

Player options you grabbed

  • The capturing team may execute a prisoner at any time under the "Close-range injury" rule. In this case the elimination is immediate without going through the status of "Wounded".
  • The captive team can listen to the prisoner's radio. The latter must yield to the request but never hand over the device.
  • The imprisoning team may open fire on an escaping prisoner when he escapes more than 5 meters away.
  • Capture players cannot touch prisoners. As an exception, in the event of an escape attempt, a simple and light contact will produce the capture of the prisoner again.


Rules of the MilSim Learning
Prisoner at the enemy base about to be interrogated.

The fictitious interrogations will ALWAYS be carried out assisted by an organizer.

Fictitious interrogations will ALWAYS be conducted at the captor team base.

We will replace the most orthodox methods with others more in keeping with the spirit of the game, some game of intellectual competence for example.

Reactivation as an active player

A prisoner reactivates as an active player when so decided by an organizer, or when during his escape he manages to regroup with a team from his side.


Rules of the MilSim Learning


Always wearing a special protective suit [Equipment provided by the organization], an engineer can access and manipulate biological, radioactive or dangerous agents. The fee is only required to access and remain on the premises.


Engineers will receive a special NBQR [Equipment provided by the organization] protective suit. This equipment can be transferred to any player to access contaminated areas, or manipulate dangerous products.


A vehicle in play is liable to be attacked, or may be damaged by requirement of the game script. An Engineer will need to keep in touch with the vehicle, and pose their [Equipment Provided by Organization] toolbox for 5 minutes to repair it.


[Equipment provided by the organization] Only an engineer can install or remove a mine on the road, waiting for the passage of an enemy vehicle. The action is immediate, without delay.

The installation of mines on paved roads is not allowed. Only on the ground of the battlefield.


Rules of the MilSim Learning
Orientative game map for ODYSA events.


This base is virtually hundreds of KM, and is where the actions that take place on the battlefield are planned. It is a security area. Any game action that involves shooting or detonating any artifact is strictly prohibited. This is your only restriction at the game level. I could not shoot inside, neither from outside to inside, nor from inside to outside. Eye protection should always be kept on.


This base provides a strategic advantage in obtaining useful information. Its loss or destruction will imply delays or "technical difficulties" in the transmission of the information.


Where they park and store fuel for the refueling of the transports of the own or rival side. Their sabotage subtracts transport to the enemy side.


Sites where research work is carried out. Only engineers, always with their suits on, can work on them.


Where the captured players are taken and the interrogations are carried out, always assisted by an organizer.


Rules of the MilSim Learning
Vehicles at stake in Airsoft ODYSA games.

The vehicles fulfill the following tasks:

  1. They take players from stop to stop.
  2. They pick up eliminated players at stops and return to their base.
  3. They support special missions.


We should look at the driver.

  • If the driver WEAR FLUORESCENT CLOTHES, DO NOT ACT on the vehicle. It will carry the press, a special mission, logistical material, an injured person, etc.
  • If the driver DOES NOT WEAR FLUORESCENT CLOTHES, YES WE CAN act on it; open fire on the occupants, stop it by mines, grenades or C4 charges.


On asphalt roads traveled by non-game vehicles: IT CAN NOT.

On unpaved roads: An engineer can place A VISIBLE MINE on a dirt road, only another engineer can remove them.


Spread across the field there are stops marked with a double flag.

It is yellow on one side and red on the other. Players can get on or off the vehicle in them, provided the flag is raised in the color of their team. Depending on the color marked by the flag, the stop may be used by one side or the other.

The stops are distributed so that their control is of strategic importance during the game.


Eliminated players, with the red scarf on their heads, can wait for the vehicle at any stop and climb to be taken to their base.


Rules of the MilSim Learning
Airsoft players equipped with anti-vehicle mines

Detectors and radars

Volumetric or motion detectors, alarms, infrared laser systems, or any detector or sonic element do not cause injury or elimination.

Grenades and radial detonating elements

Grenades, mines, grenade launchers and bazookas will have an effectiveness of 5 meters of effective radius.

The throwing of a grenade implies that, in its flight, it should never exceed, at its highest point, the shoulders of the target player.

Claymore-type loads

Claymore type directional charges reach 10 meters with a dispersion of 90º from the detonation point in the direction where it is oriented.


Rules of the MilSim Learning

If we do not have a specific license from the Ministry of Telecommunications, we will use the following communications mesh based on the communication standard of the PMR 446 stations of 0,5 Watts, which do not require a license in the case of Spain.

Channels of BANDO SIERRA

  • Channel 1: Lieutenant and Game Director Bando Sierra.
  • Channel 2: Platoon Sergeants.
  • Channel 3: Troop and specialists.

Channels of the Bando TANGO

  • Channel 4: Lieutenant and Game Director Bando Tango.
  • Channel 5: Platoon Sergeants.
  • Channel 6: Troop and specialists.

The organization can provide more effective stations to facilitate communications.

How does

  • When you want to talk to a group, you go up or down the channel.
  • After having contacted, you return to the group's own channel.
  • If it is not contacted on a first attempt, it retries in 5 minutes.


VOX systems and self-activating laryngophones are PROHIBITED.

Communication is only allowed via push-button mechanical action PTT.


Rules of the MilSim Learning
International Morse Code

The organization will use different methods of encoding messages.

Example, morse code.


Rules of the MilSim Learning
Airsoft pitch map

It is not allowed to leave the field of play without the express authorization of the organization while the game lasts.

In the event that permission is granted, on return, the game must be re-entered from the Head Quarter of the team itself.

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