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Do you want to protect your Red Point well?


It seems that the probability that a ball hits the small crystal of our Red Dot sight is small, but no.

Many shots are coming in our direction, and with considerable force.

If we do not protect our Red Dot it is a matter of time, or of few games, that we must change it due to breakage by impact.

Something undesirable!

To minimize this risk, and that we should not spend money on a new one, there are protective shields for our fast aim optical lenses.

How to mount the red dot sight protector?

Do you want to protect your Red Dot well? Learning
Red dot

As we see in the image, we have to install the lens shield as close as possible to its structure, to minimize the space through which a rival's shot could sneak in, and break the glass of our cool new lens.

The sights protectors are folding.

These protections are folding, so if at any time you want to do without them we can lower it, even at the time of storing it in the suitcase so that it is better protected during transport.

All protections for Red Dot look the same, but no!

Don't buy shields made of plastic because they break. Not all Red Dot protectors are suitable.

We have to choose those made of polycarbonate, the same material with which the lenses that protect our eyes are manufactured.

It makes sense, doesn't it?

Why are there different lens colors?

The clear lens is neutral, and the yellow one makes targeting easy in low-light circumstances.

Sight guards are cheap!

You can imagine what you will feel the moment you hear that "crik" of your glass breaking.

This Red Dot sight protector that we recommend complies with the provisions of this article, and at a very reasonable price.

Check it out!

Do you want to protect your Red Dot well? Learning

Bad plastic sight guards look the same.

These are made of hard plastic, the same thickness and blah, blah, blah, but they will break putting our glass at risk. We only show them to you to verify that they have the same appearance in practice.

Do you want to protect your Red Dot well? Learning
Bad red dot protector.

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