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What is Joule Creep in Airsoft? Explanation and reference table.


The Joule Creep in Airsoft is little known in Spanish territory, and given the risk involved, we explain it to you, and we provide you with a reference table so that you can control it.

It is a physical effect that happens when we increase the weight of our balls when playing, and in our replica it happens that the air capacity of our cylinder is greater than the air capacity of our cannon.

This combination of factors increases the power of our shots and can become dangerous, especially with the support roles, select shooter or dmr, or sniper for being allowed to play with more power.

Why we don't usually detect Joule Creep?

Most playing fields calculate the shooting power with the classic system of measuring the speed of exit in FPS with a ball of 0,20gr.

If when we start playing we use a ball heavier than the original measurement, our replica can "JouleCreepear" for the reasons explained above.

And why does Joule Creep happen?

When we use a heavier ball, it stays longer inside the barrel, collecting more energy from the air that pushes the piston, until it leaves the barrel of our weapon. This results in our shots being fired with more energy or force.

"A sniper who shoots

Should we be concerned about Joule Creep?

Yes, it should. In addition to the fact that we are playing with a power over other players in our role, we can cause more damaging impacts.

An accidental shot at close range can hurt us beyond the typical reddish marks on the skin.

How can we know if our replica produces the Joule Creep effect?

There is a mathematical formula that appears in the video that illustrates this article, but it is much easier to make the measurements with the ball that will be used during the game and consult the table that we provide at the end of the article.

Can it have positive applications?

Going into more technical aspects of maintenance, the Joule Creep could be used to calibrate the power of a replica to the exact weight of a ball and get a more relaxed gearbox, or increase the power of a replica that gives us low FPS with a 0,20 ball. , XNUMXgr.

Joule Creep Table

What is the Joule Creep in Airsoft? Explanation and look-up table. Learning

Link to another Joule Creep table

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