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What is Airsoft?


Airsoft is a strategy and simulation game. It is a recreational and sporting activity in a competitive or simply recreational field.

What is Airsoft? Learning
Preparations for an Airsoft event ODYSA PRO

To practice airsoft, players use ball-throwing markers made of biodegradable and compostable materials based on cereal starch and non-food starch, less than 3 Joules of power. The practice of Airsoft does not imply any political, religious, exclusive or illicit connection.

Airsoft It is an English term that means "Aire Suve", referring to the weak power of the markers that are used in this sports activity. The respect and the honesty between players is the first and most important rule for this game to develop normally and we can all enjoy it. Safety is very important, and all players must carry mandatory safety glasses that comply with the EPI EN166B standard, or equivalent standard, and that prevent the passage of balls into the eyes from any angle. The pin glasses are not suitable for playing Airsoft games.

Airsoft, by its nature of pretend play, can easily create the wrong image in society and the authorities, who may consider our activity as violent and dangerous. It is the responsibility of Airsoft practitioners through our behavior and our ability to self-regulate our activity to change this wrong image.

The Catalan Federation of Airsoft has promoted the use of balls made with biodegradable and compostable materials based on the starch from cereals and on non-food starch, as well as specific rules of respect for the Natural Environment, so that the members of the Federation extend the responsibility with which they practice the activity to respect for the environment.

What is Airsoft? Learning
Airsoft players in full exploration of the terrain.

Airsoft, sometimes also called softair, was born in Japan in the 80s, and is very similar in terms of the development of the activity toPaintball, with some differences: the markers used in Airsoft have a lower power (over a third of the power of Paintball), the balls launched by the Airsoft markers usually have a diameter of 6 mm. (0 inch) and Paintball balls have a diameter of 24 mm. (17 inch). In addition, Airsoft is based on the honesty of the participants, since the balls shot they are not painting (and therefore do not leave any marks). For this reason, the fundamental factors that an Airsoft player must have are honesty and honesty.

Normally, when playing, players are divided into two or more teams that must achieve objectives or missions to win the game. Usually, it is practiced outdoors, although it can also be played indoors.

The game has different modalities: quick games (calls arcade o speedball), scripted games, technical tests (firing ranges), MilSim (military simulation), etc. and the different groups and associations practice one or several modalities, since they are complementary.


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