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Airsoft regulation to learn the rules of the game with a good 2020 regulation.






4.1. Speed ​​limits and minimum safety distances for markers using 6 mm balls.


5.1. Rules of Conduct off the field of play.

5.2. Rules of Conduct on the playing field.

5.3. Fair Play and Sports Ethics.

5.4. Game Interruptions.



7.1. Requirements to be fulfilled by the Playing Fields.

7.2. Delimitation of the playing fields.

7.3. Safety measures and risk prevention on the Playing Fields.



Airsoft is a strategy and simulation game. It is a recreational and sporting activity in a competitive or simply recreational field. To play Airsoft games the players use sporty playful weapons that shoot balls with a force less than 3 Joules. Airsoft balls are made with biodegradable and compostable materials, based on starch from cereals or on non-food starch.

The practice of Airsoft Games does not imply any political, religious, exclusive or illicit connection.

Honesty and respect between players is the first and most important rule to ensure that the game develops normally and we can all enjoy it.

Airsoft, by its nature of simulation mode war game, can easily create a wrong image in society and the authorities, who can consider our activity as violent or dangerous. It is the responsibility of Airsoft game practitioners, through our behavior and our ability to self-regulate our activity, to change this wrong image.


Names, technicians and abbreviations related to the practice of Airsoft games and the elements used to carry out these games are used in this game regulation.

To make them understandable to people outside this leisure activity, we include these definitions.

FPS: (Feet per second) Feet per second. Measure of speed, one foot per second equals 0.3048 meters per second.

M / S: Meters per second. Speed ​​measurement.

HOP UP: Airsoft markers shoot spherical balls using air powered by a smoothbore barrel with an inside diameter greater than the diameter of the shot ball. This assumes that the natural tendency of the shot ball is to fall to the ground within a few meters of being shot. In order to increase the precision and range of the balls fired, the markers mount a system called Hop Up that consists of a rubber protrusion that touches the ball when it moves inside the barrel, giving the ball a turning movement. that makes it rise instead of fall. This system can be adjusted to make the ball move in a straight line for more meters than it would have done without the action of the Hop Up. The range of an Airsoft marker is between 15 and 60 meters, depending on the exit speed. .

AEG: (Automatic Electric Gun) Nomenclature applied to refer to electric weapons or replicas powered by the action of a piston pushed by a spring, which is compressed by a system of gears moved by an electric motor, and powered by a battery. They throw small BIODEGRADABLE plastic balls.

WEAPON OF 4th CATEGORY: An Airsoft weapon / marker / replica can be an imitation or reproduction of a real weapon, which cannot be converted into a real weapon. Markers or replicas of Airsoft shoot balls of 6 mm in diameter, made with MANDATORY biodegradable and compostable polymers based on starch from cereals or on non-food starch. According to the arms regulations, the output power of an Airsoft marker is always less than 3 Joules. The Airsoft markers, depending on the type of weapon they imitate, can be of the following types (each type of marker corresponds to a game role, within a simulation with a playful objective): Pistol, Shotgun, Submachine Gun, Rifle, Support Machine Gun, DMR or Select Shooter, and Bolt Sniper.

CQB: (Close Quarters Battle) It refers to a type of Airsoft game that takes place inside buildings, or in villages, where the distances between players are reduced and therefore, security measures are increased. In this specialty in teams the role of assault predominates, and achieving objectives in the shortest possible time.

LEBANESE: It refers to shooting from behind a protection just taking out the marker, without being able to see where it is fired. This practice is prohibited in any game of airsoft.

AUTOMATIC: Refers to markers that can fire more than one ball while the trigger is pulled.

SEMI-AUTOMATIC: This refers to the Airsoft marker that can shoot ball by ball without having to manually operate or mount any element, only by pulling the trigger once for each ball fired.

SIDE: Refers to each team or set of teams facing each other in an Airsoft game.

SING: It refers to the fact of communicating to the other players that one has been touched by a ball.

MILSIM: (Military Simmulation) It refers to Airsoft games with a game script that focuses on simulating a military operation, and where special game elements and roles are used.

SPRING: (Dock) Those spring weapons that require manual pre-loading before each shot.

GAS: (Gas replica) Those markers that are filled with gas through their valve, injecting it from an external container or bottle.

CO2: (CO2 weapon) Those replicas that contain a disposable bottle of compressed CO2 gas as a BB propeller.

BB: (Ball Bearing) The name originated in 1886, with the invention of the first weapons that fired 4,57mm metal balls, by compressing or pushing air through a piston powered by a spring. This nomenclature originally devised for pellets and pellets has been adopted to refer to the projectiles we fire at Airsoft. Wrongly, these projectiles, such as plastic or PVC balls, are actually required to be made of biodegradable, behavioral materials such as bioplastics with sugar or starch origin mixed with non-polluting aggregates and minerals. Whenever you hear "PVC balls", wrong.

Tokyo Marui: First and foremost manufacturer of Japanese Airsoft, who stands out for the high quality of their airsoft weapons and ammunition, and we highly recommend new players.


Airsoft players will have to meet the following requirements to participate in games organized following these Regulations, failure to comply with any of the requirements will result in the immediate expulsion of the offender from the games in progress:

- Be of legal age.

- Comply with the Regulations in their entirety.


In order to practice Airsoft safely, it is mandatory to comply with the following personal security measures:

The use of protective glasses that meet one of these two protection standards is mandatory:

- European Standard EPI-89/686 / CEE (EN166). Within this specification, they must be of type A or B (they must have EN166-A or EN166-B engraving on the lens and frame) (See Annex V).

- American ANSI Z87.1 standard. Within this specification, they must be of the Z87 + type (they must be engraved with Z87 +) (See Annex V). TEMPLATE GLASSES WHICH ARE NOT INSURED BY AN ELASTIC BEHIND THE HEAD, OR WHICH ARE GRATING ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR AIRSOFT GAME PRACTICE.

In addition to meeting these standards, they must prevent the passage of balls into the eyes from any angle.

The glasses must fit correctly and must not move, even if the player runs or makes sudden movements or they are repeatedly impacted.

Please pay close attention during the exchange of lenses and follow the manufacturer's instructions when performing this operation. After the exchange, it must be checked that the lens has been properly attached to the frame, to avoid accidents.

The glasses must be worn at all times, except in the safety zones enabled.

Avoid carrying items that could be dangerous in the event of a fall (shovels, knives, etc.) (see Point 6).

At the discretion of the organization, the Personal Security Measures may be extended, for example forcing the use of masks, protective helmets or thick clothing in CQB-type Airsoft games (see Annex II), but they can never be reduced.

People who may show symptoms of drunkenness, apparent psychic abnormality or who are under the notorious influence of narcotic substances will not be allowed to participate in Airsoft games.


National Identity Document or equivalent (Driving License, Passport, Residence Card).

4th category weapon card with the relevant record of the weapons you use in the game.

Federal card, in case you had it.


For the practice of Airsoft games, it is allowed to use markers prepared for the use of biodegradable balls intended for the practice of 6mm or 8mm Airsoft games.

Any type of ball that has not been manufactured with non-polluting biodegradable materials is prohibited.

4.1 Output speed table in FPS and MPS and power calculation with 6mm BBs and 0,20 grams

Weapon, replica or markerFPS,
Feets per second,
Feet per second
Meters per Second,
Meters per second
Minimum shooting distanceJoules of power / energy at the outlet of the canyon
Gun330100,585 meters1,01
Shotgun350106,685 meters1,14
Submachine gun350106,685 meters1,14
Rifles350106,685 meters1,14
Support machine gun400121,9215 meters1,49
DMR or Semi-Automatic Select Shooter450137,1620 meters1,88
Sniper or manual bolt sniper550167,6430 meters2,81
FPS Airsoft table

Players who use heavier balls may have power control applied due to the effect Joule Creep.
Example: Snipers allowed up to 2,81 Joules of power

All the markers will pass the Chronograph test to measure their exit speed before starting Airsoft games, with 6 mm balls of 0,20 grams and with the Hop-Up regulated to the minimum.

For markers that can shoot at more than 350 fps (Support Machine Guns and Semi or Bolt Snipers), it is recommended to carry a secondary marker (Pistol, Shotgun, Submachine gun or Rifle), which allows you to play at shorter distances, which can never be less than 5 meters.

Semi-automatic sniper markers cannot be used automatically.


In order to achieve a fluid game and a good coexistence between players, as well as with the rest of society and authorities, the following Basic Rules of Conduct must be followed:

5.1. Rules of Conduct Outside the Field of Play:

We will avoid completely wearing camouflage clothing, as well as wearing tactical vests, holsters, hoods, or any other piece that can cause confusion or intimidate people who are unaware of our activity.

It is not allowed to display the markers outside the playing field, including the interior of vehicles that are parked or circulate on public roads.

We will take with us the documentation reflected in Point 3 of this Regulation.

5.1.1. The transport of the markers to the playing field will be carried out as follows:

The markers must be transported inside their original box, or in a suitable case where it is clearly indicated that it is an Airsoft marker (see Annex III).

Inside the box or sleeve, the marker must:

Have the insurance on.

Have a red cap or cap placed on the end of the barrel.

Have the battery disconnected.

The marker cannot carry the ball magazine, which must be transported separately and without balls.

It is recommended to carry a sample of balls with the marker, in a separate bag.

If the transport is carried out by car, the markers must be transported in the trunk of the vehicle, complying with everything indicated in the previous points.

The itinerary in case of transporting Airsoft markers must be from home to the playing field and from the playing field to the home.

It is necessary to avoid transporting the markers outside the routes marked in the previous point, except in any case transport to technical services and the like.

Guitar cases or similar are not suitable for transporting markers, since it can be understood that transporting the markers in this type of case there is an intention of concealment.

5.1.2. Rules of action in case of being required by the authorities:

In the event that an agent of the authority requests that we identify ourselves and that we show the contents of the box or cover where we transport our marker, or the trunk of the vehicle where we transport it, we will act as follows:

We will identify ourselves as Airsoft game players, federated if applicable, and we will give you our ID (or equivalent document), and we will also give you the federation card, as well as the weapon card where we have the weapons we carry. If we are in transit, or back from an event, we will show the invitation letter provided by the organization.

In the event that you ask us to open the trunk if we travel by car, or that we show the contents of the case or box where we transport the marker, we will inform you in advance of the contents of the trunk if we travel by car, or the content of the sleeve or box where we transport our marker. We will tell you that we are going to participate in an Airsoft game or that we are back from playing (indicating where we came from and where we are going), then we will show you the content.

If the agent of the authority decides to requisition the markers, we will request a copy of the intervention document in which our data, the requisitioned material, the place, date and time and the reason for the action appear, and we will inform ourselves where we should go later to collect them or present the documentation they require. We will always be respectful and kind to the agent of authority.

5.2. Rules of Conduct on the playing field:

We will respect the security zones and the limits of the playing field, as well as the specific schedules and rules established by the organizers of the Airsoft games.

We will respect the power limits and safety distances reflected in Point 4 of this Regulation.

We will be honest and repeat the opposing team. Upon receiving an impact on any part of the body, weapon or equipment, we will raise our arm, shout "IMPACTED" or "VALE", and indicate the new state of being injured, eliminated by placing a red cloth on the chest or our head or in the muzzle of the marker. (or we will act in the manner indicated by the game organizers).

If we are eliminated, we will remain silent and avoid attitudes that may reveal the player who has eliminated us, unless the specific rules of the game indicate otherwise.

Many factors can influence the trajectory of an Airsoft ball, we can never be XNUMX% sure whether or not we impact another player. If we still have any discrepancy on this or another point with another player, it will be channeled through the group representatives and the game organizers.

While we are removed or waiting to join an ongoing Airsoft game, we will avoid speaking out loud and using our markers. These attitudes can confuse players who are still active in the game.

Avoid using the marker at short distances, less than the minimum safe distance, 5 meters or less.

Whenever possible, impact to the players' heads will be avoided.

It is not allowed to use the marker “Lebanese”, that is, only taking the marker out from a protected position or obstacle without seeing what or who is being fired at. It is necessary to look at where we operate the marker before doing so. The objective of this regulation is to prevent a player from being accidentally touched at safety distances less than those marked in point 4 of this Game Regulation. It is not applicable to CQB type Airsoft games, where the safety distance is reduced from 5 to 0 meters and where the protection measures are increased.

It is strictly forbidden to disturb any animal that is on the playing field.

It is absolutely forbidden to use or point the marker against people who do not participate as players in Airsoft games.

The playing field must be respected, it is forbidden to throw garbage or cause damage to the field.

It is prohibited to light a fire on the playing field, as well as the use of stoves or similar devices in times of fire risk. In times when there is no risk of fire, the use or not of this type of element must be authorized by the owner of the field after communicating it to the municipal authorities.

If people outside the game (or not) who do not wear the eye protection indicated in Point 2 of this Regulation access the game area, we will immediately stop the game and inform the rest of the players and the organization of this incident.

It is prohibited to practice Airsoft in fields that do not comply with what is reflected in Point 7 of this Regulation.

5.3. Fair Play and Sports Ethics:

Players must:

Respect and treat with dignity teammates, rivals, referees, organizers and other participants or people related to Airsoft games.

Abide by the decisions of the referees and / or organizers.

Do not instigate, encourage or participate in violent discussions or attitudes.

Comply with the Points of this Regulation in its entirety.

5.4 Game Interruptions

Airsoft Games must be discontinued immediately when:

Outsiders appear on the playing field. Players and / or the organization must inform non-game personnel that the game is being carried out and indicate the need to wear appropriate eye protection.

Police authorities appear on the field of play. Players must immediately stop the activity, hang the marker on their backs and remain where they are. A member of the organization, or a representative of the players, will approach the agents to inform them of the activity and meet their requirements.

An emergency or a situation of danger to the physical integrity of any of the participants occurs.


In order to avoid accidents that could endanger the integrity of the participants in Airsoft games, or avoid misunderstandings that could harm the image of our fans, the following restrictions are imposed on Airsoft games:

Racist or exclusionary symbols, as well as antisocial and / or violent attitudes are strictly prohibited.

It is not allowed to carry flags, emblems or any type of symbolism prohibited by current legislation.

It is not allowed to carry emblems or insignia of Rank or Unit in use by the Armed Forces or Corps and State Security Forces, even if the bearer has authorization from the authorities to do so. It is necessary to differentiate what is an Airsoft game from what is a military or police training.

It is not allowed to carry any type of non-simulated weapon, either for the game or as a decorative element, thus prohibiting access to Airsoft games for players with bladed weapons, detonating or signaling pistols, compressed air weapons that fire pellets or pellets, pyrotechnic devices, etc. It will be allowed to carry multipurpose tools, as long as it is in a non-visible and safe place, and they can only be used in the security area.

The use of devices that may pose a risk of fire or risk to the physical integrity of the players (smoke cans, firecrackers, etc.) is expressly prohibited. Pyrotechnic devices may only be used in specific cases and with the authorization and supervision of the competent authorities.

The use of class 3 or higher laser pointers (prohibited for non-professional use due to their dangerousness) is expressly prohibited. If we use a laser pointer, we must check on the packaging that it is one of these types:

Class 1: They are safe laser products in all reasonably foreseeable conditions of use.

Class 2: These are laser products that emit visible radiation in the wavelength range between 400 nm and 700 nm, eye protection is normally achieved by moving the eye away, even with blinking, however precautions must be taken to avoid direct continuous vision of the beam. In case of being Class 2, we must avoid aiming the laser at anyone's eyes.

It is prohibited to automatically use the assimilated markers as Semi-Automatic Sniper, and that therefore exceed 350 fps.


7.1. Requirements to be fulfilled by the Playing Fields:

Have permission from the owner of the property to hold Airsoft games.

Communicate the realization of the games to the municipal authorities.

Information to neighboring farms about the celebration of the event.

It will be necessary to contract a specific Civil Liability insurance for the celebration of the Airsoft game.

Have a safety area that cannot be accessed during the game, and that runs along the perimeter of the field, leaving sufficient distance, or taking appropriate measures, to prevent the balls thrown from exceeding the limit of property, and to prevent players from getting too close to the field boundary and being seen from the outside.

Have a security area inside the property where players can change and prepare their markers, as well as a testing area where checks and eventual necessary repairs can be made.

7.2. Delimitation of the Playing Fields. The playing fields must have the following defined areas:

Game Zone.

By “game zone” is understood the delimited zone of the land where Airsoft games take place, including the eliminated zone or zones. In the play area, the use of adequate eye protection is mandatory at all times.

Testing area.

“Test area” means the delimited area of ​​the terrain where the chronograph test is performed, as well as the adjustments that are necessary to the marker (adjustment of the hop-up, battery check, adjustment of aiming elements, etc.). ). Proper eye protection is mandatory at all times in the test area.

Security zone.

“Safety zone” means any defined area of ​​the field where players can safely remove their eye protection. Using the marker is strictly prohibited in the security zone. The areas designated as vehicle parking and areas for changing will be considered as a “security zone”. Depending on the type and duration of the game, and the permits that are available, camping areas, rest areas, areas for organization personnel, etc. can also be considered as a security area.

The “safety zone” must be located in an area sufficiently far from the playing area, or have sufficient means to prevent the passage of balls from the playing area to the safety area.

If it is necessary to carry out repairs on the marker, or adjustments that require its dismantling, they must be carried out in the security area.

The signage of the entrances and the limits of the playing fields are mandatory.

7.3. Safety measures and risk prevention on the Playing Fields.

An inspection by the organizers of Airsoft games must be carried out on all the land or buildings, in which the areas that may pose a danger to the physical integrity of the players must be delimited and marked. The passage of players to the aforementioned areas will be prohibited.

An emergency and evacuation plan must be available on all playing fields.


Organizers must meet the following requirements:

They must compulsorily have sufficient means to ensure compliance with the provisions of Points 2 and 4 of this Regulation, that is:

Chronograph to measure the speed of the markers used in the game.

Reserve protection goggles to solve breakage problems, or inadequate protection of the participants.

If personal security measures are required by the organization that are superior to those reflected in Point 2 of this Regulation, and that involve the use of other elements apart from the glasses (masks, helmets, etc.), it must be have reserve units for these complementary protection elements.

They must also have, at least, a first aid kit, as well as means to contact emergency services in the event that the evacuation of any participant is necessary.

The celebration of the Airsoft games must be notified to the local authorities in writing, or in the manner that the authorities indicate to the organizers of the games.

The use of reducer muzzles is prohibited to reduce the speed of exit of the balls, since they are only effective in markers that work in semi-automatic, losing effectiveness in markers that work in automatic.

Airsoft games must be carried out on a playing field that complies with the provisions of Point 7 of this Regulation.

The activity must have Civil Liability Insurance.

In the event that vehicle access to the farm where the game takes place is necessary, this must be done taking into account Law 9/1995, of July 27, regulating motorized access to the natural environment (DOGC 2082, de 2.8.95), DECREE 166/1998, of July 8, regulating motorized access to the natural environment, and its subsequent modifications of the years 2003 (DECREE 111/2003, d'1 d'abril, of modification of the composition of the advisory commissions for motorized access to the natural environment regulated by Decree 166/1998, of July 8, regulating motorized access to the natural environment) and 2006.

In the event that the Airsoft games are organized by an individual or a for-profit company, they must meet the requirements set by the competent administration regarding the organization of activities related to risk sports or adventure sports.

Airsoft rules extension

In this regulation we set out the rules of the game to start any game with a good knowledge base.

There are also other specialist game modes. For all of them personal security measures are maintained, it is even recommended to increase them especially in the case of CQB games and never reduce them. We insist on using protective glasses that comply with the approvals or certifications previously explained.

This regulation is completed with annexes and other types and modalities of Airsoft games. Here we make a brief introductory description that is expanded with other articles that you will find on this website.

CQB: Close Quarter Battle.

They are those games in which the participating teams face each other in an urban environment,

It should be noted that in this type of game the minimum shooting safety distance is reduced to zero, and it is highly recommended to increase safety through integral, partial facial masks that protect the face and especially the teeth, lips and ears. We give the recommendations to use thicker clothes and thick gloves.

In this practice, airsoft weapons are adapted to play in closed spaces, and small rooms such as corridors, stairs and small rooms in general. Usually the pistol is used much more than in games in rural or forestry, it is ideal to use rifles and short submachine guns that facilitate an agile tactical game of coordinated team.

It is common to find special material such as grenade launchers and different types of gas, CO2, even pyrotechnic grenades and with blank cartridges. The organization should be consulted if the use of each of these types of grenade is allowed.

MilSim: Military Simulation

They are tactical military simulation games that seek to emulate real combat situations in the most faithful way possible.

We emphasize that in this type of Airsoft game where the game scripts want to recreate the tactics of military units in conflict situations, they usually have as a requirement a higher physical level in the most common games.

This type of game usually raises scripts with a long duration, with calls for players up to 24 hours of game play without interruption, even for several days. In an airsoft game like this, it makes sense to study the structure of the combat unit by configuring it with a correct proportion of each role: riflemen, snipers, select shooters, all chosen in due measure.

Therefore, the preparation requirements to participate in MilSim events go through both a higher quality technical equipment, even for actual use by real military bodies, as well as achieving a certain physical capacity.

Participation in these events requires careful planning prior to the event date. It is highly recommended that you coordinate what material each member of the team contributes. In a night game we will meet players with night vision and thermal. In the night games we have to keep special attention, given its implicit difficulty, so as not to hurt ourselves.



They are those teams that decide to play emulating some real and existing operational security body. They adapt their game to the tactics that real professionals use.

This game mode aims to honor the chosen operations corps, and to use or emulate its equipment, its real weapons and its operational techniques.

Historical (only in Portuguese)

They are calls where participants recreate some historical event of relevant real war conflicts. Participants equip themselves just like the actual historical military units of the time did.

Games can be played set and scripted, but we can also find pure recreations where only a certain event is recreated using our rifles and replicas of real weapons such as attrezzo.

In this field, the acquisition by the creators of real equipment with historical collecting value stands out. This type of historical Airsoft is subject to the legality of each country.

Regulations used by ODYSA

This Regulation has been adapted for the specific characteristics of ODYSA events. The different regulations of various federations operating in the national and international territory have been taken as a source. No standard has been downplayed. Some rules have been tightened to ensure the safety of players. Non-applicable standards have been filtered or removed. Every team and player must comply with these rules to participate in an Airsoft ODYSA event.

Rules of Airsoft Learning
This article is illustrated by the URM-SASR.TF66.

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