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Basic rules to learn to play Airsoft


Knowing the basic rules and regulations for playing Airsoft is the first step that new initiates must take.

Airsoft player safety is most important

Before starting any type of game, the starting speed of the markers to be used must be measured using a chronograph (See the complete regulation). Next, the type of game, its duration and the way to end it must be agreed, as well as the physical limits of the field of play and the eliminated area.

Any player who arrives in the game zone after the games have started must wait for the next game to join (in the eliminated zone), always leaving this point to the organizers.

At no time may the field of play be abandoned, giving the player who fails to comply with it as eliminated.

As a general rule, the game starts with one beep and ends with three beeps, or when the duration time ends, or when an agreed objective is met in advance. These conditions can be changed by the organization.

Elimination of a player by the impact of a ball

As a general rule, and unless the organization establishes other conditions, an impact is equivalent to the elimination of the player, even if it has been carried out by a player from the same side. Elimination impact is considered to be that which occurs on any part of the player, including scoreboards and equipment, except rebounds on hard surfaces.

On the bounces of the ball

Basic rules to learn to play Airsoft Learning

Balls that pass through leaves or bushes will not be considered rebounds, as well as balls that when touching an object between the two players slightly change their trajectory, but do not reverse the direction in which they were thrown.

Basic rules to learn to play Airsoft Learning

At the discretion of the organization, rebounding elimination impacts can also be considered.

When hit, the player will yell "OKAY"Or"REMOVED”, He will visibly put a red rag on his head (or alternatively, on the marker's muzzle, if he has it raised during the journey), he will put the safety on the marker, and he will go silently to the Eliminated Zone.

Once removed from the game, you cannot communicate with the other players, nor continue in the game area.

At the discretion of the organization, the status of "injured player" can be established, as well as the rules that regulate this condition (elimination, possibility or not of speaking, possibility or not of being moved by other players, etc.)

No simulation of elimination or “wounded player” status is permitted.

If you have been touched with a ball, do not hesitate, say that you are eliminated. A eliminated player must never remove his safety glasses or mask.

If the elimination occurs “silently” by physical contact (one player touches the other with the hand). The eliminated player must remain still and silent in the place where he has been eliminated, until the opponent moves away; at this time he will announce his elimination and will go to the eliminated zone.

When in doubt you are eliminated, it is a basic rule.

If you think you have been touched by a ball, but have not felt anything, consider yourself eliminated: it is likely that it has hit the vest, knee pads, boots, or other parts of the equipment, or that the balls have arrived with so little force that they did not you have felt the impact.

If you think you've touched someone, but you're not sure, don't accuse this person of cheating, possibly you have not impacted. If the situation is repeated on more than one occasion with the same person, or if you have been able to verify that you have touched this player and he has not “sung” the impact in bad faith, discuss this with the organization of the game or with the person responsible for your group. These will contact the person in charge of the group of the conflicting player and will take the appropriate measures.

As a general rule, the eliminated cannot leave equipment or markers, although the organization may decide to modify this point.

There are situations in which, by stealth or by being within a safe distance, removal cannot be performed using the marker, but by alternative removal methods.

Silent Elimination, or "knife" elimination.

Also called “Death by knife. It occurs when a player on one side touches a player on the opposite side with the hand, or with a simulated rubber knife, always in a smooth and calm way. The eliminated player must remain in the quiet and silent place until the opponent moves away; at this moment it will announce its elimination, it will put the red cloth and it will go to the eliminated zone.

Elimination by voice, or courtesy.

Also called "Bang rule" This system is used ONLY to face a player who is less than five meters away, to avoid using the marker, as long as he is not in a situation that allows him to react. You need to point the marker at the player and yell "BANG!" or "PUM!" instead of using the marker. Only one player can be eliminated using this alternate combat rule. It is not allowed to eliminate by voice without having a marker in the hands that points to the opponent, or five or more meters from the player that we want to eliminate.

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