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How many calories do we burn playing Airsoft?


We analyze caloric consumption by practicing our favorite hobby by comparing it with other sports, and you will be surprised at the calories you burn in your Airsoft games.

Well, maybe this question comes to mind the day we consider losing weight and the inevitable question comes to mind:

How many calories do we burn when we are jogging across the Airsoft field?

Keep in mind that in addition to moving, we carry all the tactical equipment, to which we add the weight of our replica airsoft, ammunition, transmitter, accessories; it all adds up.

We got home tired for a reason later! XD

We already told you that Airsoft is one of the activities that consumes the most calories, and that also produces us high levels of adrenaline y oxytonin, the hormone of happiness.

Here we are going to present you some data and the benefits that our favorite hobby gives us:

Moving tactically and running you're already burning calories

During Airsoft games and events you run, walk, climb, sprint ...

It has been shown that running at 9 km / h burns twice as many calories per minute as walking at 6 km / h.

If we were to keep the above movement speeds stable for 1 hour jogging across the playing field, we would burn about 900 kilocalories, instead of the 400 we eliminated when walking.

We are already seeing the benefits we get from not staying on the sofa at home. Later we will tell you the calories you spend when you stay at home. They are few.

Comparison of Airsoft with other sports

We are going to present some examples that will allow us to understand the data that we expose in this article:

  • An hour playing football Quema 600 Kilocalories.
  • An hour playing basketball Quema 500 kilocalories.
  • An hour playing rugby Quema 700 Kilocalories.
  • An hour playing tennis, volleyball or paddle burning between 350 and 500 kilocalories.

We also recommend that you choose the sport to practice according to your tastes or that best suits your skills. Do not choose your practice solely for caloric consumption. Please!

It is also interesting to know:

  • See 1 hour of TV Quema 90 Kilocalories.
  • Sleep Quema 70 kilocalories per hour.

Airsoft and its many benefits

In every game of Airsoft it is possible to burn between 800 and 1000 Kilocalories per hour. It's not bad at all!

It is a really considerable energy expenditure, and we also do it in a magnificent play environment, which is also enriched by group practice, which encourages teamwork, social relationships, motivation, the spirit of self-improvement, among others. benefits that you already imagine.

And we are also improving our fitness!

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