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All articles and reports from Airsoft ordered by categories to learn the rules and start playing. Find out more about weapons, accessories, gear and events.

Help with your first Airsoft game.

Learn the basics for you to enjoy from the first day of the game, we explain the basic rules, the first steps, how to equip yourself and how to find a team of players to join.

I leave you a link to Complete regulation of the Airsoft rules, but here we will put the most basic points for those who have never played.

This is a game of honor

The first basic rule is that we will enjoy and rival players and teammates will value you more for your sincerity of singing eliminated, rather than because one day you kill a lot.

You have to sing all the balls that hit you.

You will quickly see what you think of a player you hit and don't sing the elimination. Be legal and the game will flow better.

Respect and companionship

It is the following basic rule of Airsoft. Surely you will appreciate that they treat you cordially. Do the same. Who today is your rival on the field of play, next week may be the partner of your side. You will see when you lack a bridle, or they have to take you out of a bush ...

Play within power limits

Each role is assigned a maximum firing power. Depending on the role of each, a player can play with a lack or shooting power related to the role he plays in his side or team. Make sure you are within the FPS table at Airsoft's maximum allowed power before going on the field of play. If they are overpowered, you may find that you are not allowed to play with your new replica, or that you injure a partner. Both are bad stories!

How to legalize the replica that you have bought?

Airsoft weapons or replicas are typified in the Arms Regulations in their fourth category in Spain. The first thing you should do when you buy a marker is to take the invoice and go to register your airsoft replica in front of your town hall or local police station. Call ahead to find out where you need to go.

How should I equip myself?

Safety first: Approved glasses and mask

The main thing is to protect your eyes and teeth. Protective glasses must be approved to receive impacts from the balls, the appropriate certifications for safety glasses are the European one EN166B, and the American Z87 +. Other glasses can cause very severe damage. Do not worry, at the end of the article we will leave you some links to buy them.

The Boots for Airsoft

Almost as important as the above, we play many times in forest terrain, and it is easy for us to twist an ankle in action. Our recommendation is to buy boots that hold your foot well, and secure your ankles well.

The Tactical Vest

The first tactical vest should be versatile enough to handle different types of game. In it you will carry ammunition (6mm balls), spare chargers, and perhaps some spare batteries.

Camouflage uniform

We recommend the first forest camouflage uniform, since most playgrounds are forest. We will have time to store costumes. Today we are going for the first day.

Hat or helmet?

The hat is lighter and will camouflage you better because it breaks your silhouette a bit, on the contrary, it is a helmet that will protect you better and allow you to install cameras in the future, and very cool props. For starters we are left with the camouflage beanie, matching the uniform.

What airsoft gun did I buy?

Something versatile, adjusted to the regulated power and that you like. Add a pair of chargers on your first order. Running out of balls is bad.

There are different game roles; Assault rifleman, heavy support, select marksman and sniper. As we are starting and we will hardly know which role we will like the most, we advise not to spend a lot of money on the first Airsoft replica. Having played a few games, you will already know which role is most effective for you, and surely on the field of play you will have seen very cool things.

Las Bolas, or Airsoft BB!

You have to buy BIODEGRADABLE balls good quality from a weight of 0,20gr. With these we all start. You will soon realize that heavier weights can give you better effectiveness. In your first games do not use balls weighing more than 0,25g.

In time you will realize why I give you this advice. I leave you a link about an article I wrote about Airsoft balls.

The battery

Although there are many types of batteries, Li-Po batteries prevail today. They are high performance and low weight batteries, but require special maintenance for LIPO batteries. Choose one with a capacity close to 1300mAh minimum. In the link I leave the tutorial.

If you want a maintenance-free battery, buy a Ni-Mh battery.

Don't start with the sniper role!

Specific technical skills of difficult mastery are required to set up a sniper rifle. It requires special adjustments with expensive parts and tires, which must be calibrated. Another problem is that its power varies due to an effect called Joule Creep, depending on the weight of the ball.

The dummy knife

You can play with a fake knife, with which you can silently eliminate your opponents. This prop must be soft and flexible to never injure a partner.

The radio or station

It may be expendable for your first games, but you will soon realize the usefulness of carrying one. The game is better lived. You should know that the stations allowed without having to obtain a specific license correspond to the PMR specification with frequency, UHF, and are limited to 0,5 Watts of power. If you carry another specification, you must obtain the appropriate license.

How do I transport my Airsoft weapon?

You will need two suitcases. One rigid to transport your replicas, and another to transport your gear. It is advisable that you label with a sign that the box of your weapon contains an airsoft weapon, and not be confused with a real one.

If you are stopped by a police control, you must report that you are an airsoft player, that you are in transit to the playing field (or returning), and inform the agents you are carrying always in the trunk, your kit.

You must show them your ID, and the Registration Card of your 4th category Weapon. Never forget your replica in the trunk! If you can't justify why you keep it in the car, the agents will probably seize it.

Always transport it by removing the battery and with the chargers removed and empty.

How do I find a team of players for me?

It is possible that like many of us you start with a group of friends who decide to try and go to a commercial playing field that you have found online. It is a way, but we recommend that you start with a veteran team or player who will surely guide you in a thousand useful details.

If you don't know any Airsoft team, the easiest thing is ... Facebook! Type in the search bar "Airsoft Madrid", or "Airsoft Barcelona", or Murcia, come on your province, there will appear the community of players closest to your home. Write a message introducing yourself, saying what town or city you are from and your age. You will see that they quickly welcome you and in one pee pas you are playing.

About the kit

We leave you a link to the selection of recommended airsoft material on your first day.

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