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Welcome to the used or second-hand Airsoft bulletin board

This section is aimed at individuals who wish to sell their Airsoft equipment that they no longer need, or wish for those players who want to buy and renovate their tactical wardrobe.

Buying or buying used second-hand items in good condition can also be a good solution for those players who are just starting to play.

What will I find on this buying and selling website?

Look for replicas of Airsoft weapons, a shotgun or an M4 and their accessories here you should find them in no time. Obviously we hope that you will find a much greater offer, and also one can provide themselves with uniforms, accessories, sights and any type of material necessary to play and participate in Airsoft and MilSim events.

What if I want to sell my Airsoft replicas?

The most sought after and most in demand replicas are M4 shotguns and rifles, G36, SRS by Silverback, Mauser K98 and VSR10 from Tokyo Marui. If you have one of these it is quite likely that if you advertise it with us, in a few days you will have it sold.

What is the regulation of this bulletin board?

Well it's actually quite simple. Here we provide a notice board for second-hand Airsoft, or used in good condition, and between individuals you contact and reach agreements. We do not participate in any way in the transactions. We leave you a link to the regulations of the second-hand airsoft buying and selling section.

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