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Mont Aventura opens its Airsoft field in Cervelló with prior reservation of play areas



We will open Mont Aventura the first day we are in Phase-1 with the new covid-19 reservation system.

Due to what happened, we are going to modify the reservation system in MAC.

We have been active for more than 15 years, we have opened the field for all airsofters who have wanted to come and play and have fun with more or less problems and now we will not be less and we will achieve it with your help.

We will give place to different play areas that you can book through our social networks or phones.

This system will be modified according to de-escalation and the norms established by the current government law.

We will adapt our possibilities with what is allowed at all times.

At MAC, as many of you know well, we have a 25 Ha plot, which we are going to divide into different play areas.

On the map you can see what they are.

Due to the personal and professional situation of the company, we have believed that it would be best to reserve the areas for people who want to have them. Each zone will have a minimum reservation cost of € 100.-, the price / player will continue to be € 10.- We will not raise the price and even less now.

1 zone with 10 players = € 100
1 zone with 15 players = € 150
1 zone with 9 players = € 100

The payment method will be a minimum reservation of 10.- € + name of the area reserved by bank transfer and the rest upon arrival at the parking area with proof.

If there are more players, another area will be reserved and so on until reaching the full 50 people for now.
If we see that there is more demand we will look for more play areas or we will adapt the ones we have to the new situation.

We want to remind you that Mont Aventura Cervelló is a company designed for the rental of play areas and in this case for Airsoft, but if Paintball players come they will be able to use the same areas if they make the reservation.

Play areas:

1. Hurguen Forest + Black Hawk / 1
2. Black Hawk / 2 + Machine Gun Nest
3. Picasso + Medellin
4. Check Point + Yurinka + Bosque Fort Combat
5. Depredator + Hamburger Hill

Yes, as many of you will see, the paths are outside of any game area. All roads will be rivers in any game, so you cannot shoot or cross to the other side, etc. while you are playing.

To this we add the MAIN ZONE, where it will not be available to use your replica either.
We are all responsible for the proper use of the facilities and we must protect each other if we see that a mistake is being made in the use.

In this mode, we give / rent an area where you can play Airsoft and where you have all the permissions / insurance to do it safely.

We remember that MAC has been in this world for more than 15 years and will continue to do so. On the other hand, MAC is not going to make scripts for these private games. Any game with a script will be notified and will be announced.

The organization and methodology of the game mode remains in your hands, as long as the assigned game zones are respected and the detailed crossing zones are respected.

To book you can get in touch via Facebook, via Instagram (MontAventuraCervello) or through the phones offered on these social networks.

Link to the Facebook of Mont Aventura Cervelló:

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