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Tactical masks (With 2 valves, 5 filters and ear plugs)

We are your web portal specialized in Airsoft!

Here you are and you have chosen the correct specialized Airsoft website. From ODYSA we want to offer you a web portal about our favorite hobby, where we can offer you and share quality, useful and truthful information that you can enjoy and help you to know better the sport that we love so much.

What am I going to find on this website?

At we offer you news from the online airsoft community.

In addition to articles, reports and tutorials for learning, on our pages you will find:

  • Games, events and fairs related to our needs in Airsoft.
  • Novelties in weapons and replicas, accessories and equipment.
  • A directory of equipment, stores, wholesalers and manufacturers.
  • Reviews and reviews of products in the market.

Are you starting to play Airsoft for the first time?

Perfect! If you are looking for reliable information and how to get started in this exciting world of wargame play and recreation, we can help you.

On our Airsoft website you will find a section specially designed for you. In the category Learning We have selected articles about the basic airsoft rules, how to start playing, what should be your first reply, in addition to security aspects as to what approved protective glasses, what ammunition you should use, how to carry out the transport correctly when you go to play ...

What game role do I start with as a player?

Assault rifleman. Point. Never start with just a pistol, or a select sniper rifle or marksman. The first option will keep you at a disadvantage against the opponents, and playing sniper with a high-powered L96 Well has requirements in terms of advanced physics knowledge, which makes it impossible to have effective precision and optimal game practice in the first games , and you can cause security risks in the integrity of your comrades. Choose a good rifle or submachine gun and go ahead!

Here you have a mini guide for you to start playing with dignity, with all the guarantees of arriving on the first day and having a good time.

What is Hop Up?

The Hop Up is an internal mechanism that assault rifles and Airsoft replicas have in general, which prints a BackSpin effect to the ball, which provides greater range and precision to our shots.

This effect occurs when the ball, projected through the air from the nozle, passes through the Hop Up chamber and the ball rubs with the rubber on the top. The ball goes through the barrel already with this effect and it gets much more effective shots. It is essential that this component is adjustable, and that you learn to calibrate this part of the weapon well.

The sniper rifles have special Hop-Up rubbers based on the weight of the balls, and precision adjustment mechanisms. Leave it for later.

In which Airsoft store can we buy our replica weapons and equipment?

On our website you will find a professional directory where you can access information about specialized airsoft stores. Our favorites are those that have a physical store, if you buy from an online store check its reliability with the community. A good symptom is that they ship immediately, with delivery within 24 hours. Another advantage is that some physical stores manage their own Airsoft fields.

It is important, especially if you are starting, that you let yourself be advised by a professional when making the purchase. There is no need to search for information on your own; Here we try to provide useful information for your start in the hobby and help you.

As a tip to newbies, we recommend that you be wary of fabulous deals and promotions, especially when we talk about “other brands”, or brands that are not top of the line. They tend to have more difficulties in terms of maintenance, or obtaining spare parts, internal parts,

How do I plan my purchases to start playing Airsoft?

Your first purchase should be approved EN166B or Z87 + certified safety glasses. As a primary weapon, choose a good AEG electric replica (we recommend among the best brands Tokyo Marui, the best to start with), good quality biodegradable balls (or BBs) of 0,20g, and for safety shoes, good boots, which you protect your ankles. We recommend an AEG electrical system for its ease of use and maintenance of electrical replicas compared to Green Gas and CO2 gas. It is possible that with the purchase of the replica, they will give you a rechargeable battery and a charger. If not, we recommend adding a good Li-Po battery, a smart balancing charger and a fireproof battery carrying case to your shopping list. A second magazine is not superfluous to avoid finding yourself halfway empty. We also recommend that you wear a mesh mask to protect your teeth. When you go the first day to the playing fields, dress in green or black, not very showy and put on a cool cap.

About the ball's exit velocity, or power, in your first reply; you must start with 1 July of maximum power.

328 FPS (Feets per Second) or 100 MPS (Meters per second), measured by Chronograph with a 0,20 gram ball. This is a very broad topic related to the Joule Creep and we work on it in depth in technical articles on this website.

When you have already experienced the game you may choose to create a team or enter to form an existing one. It is time to expand your equipment and choose between different uniforms and camouflage patterns, as your comrades wear, choose from the wide range of tactical vests that which suits your needs and depending on the type of role in the game.

In a third phase you can already study the acquisition of a secondary weapon, the pistol, balls with a higher grammage of 0,25 or 0,28 gr, additional ammunition chargers, the radio or radio station with a good earpiece or PTT. A good choice is the Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 (Blowback) or MK23 Socom (No-Blowback) gas pistols. Electric pistols like the Glock 17 from the same brand are a good option if you want to minimize cost and maintenance. We also recommend the G&G balls, the Baofeng UV-5R transmitter can be a good choice for communications with our team and side. It is necessary to see in each country the legislation regarding this type of radio station. Here, don't forget a dummy tactical knife for silent eliminations.

At a later stage, when a certain experience accompanies us, we can contemplate other complements and accessories for our replicas and equipment. The possibilities are endless. There are many options, both in terms of aesthetics and tactics; from creating a completely new loadout, putting on custom patches, to acquiring accessories that make it easier for us to practice; tactical belts for carrying weapons, belts, holsters with quick draw, red dot sights, flashlights ...

Beyond we enter a world of new consumables with grenade launchers and Co2 gas grenades, full metal replicas, original equipment of real military or tactical bodies, collecting, upgrade of internal parts, painting and a very long etcetera.

What type of ammo magazine do I need for my Airsoft gun?

There are different nomenclatures for the carders of our replicas, we give you some basic information so that you know how to refer to them.

  • Real-Cap: Real capacity, up to 30 BBs.
  • Low-Cap: Low semi-realistic capacity, up to 70 BBs.
  • Mid-Cap: Medium Capacity, up to 140 BBs.
  • High-Cap: High capacity, up to 600 BBs
  • Drum: Drum loader, up to 2500 BBs, even more.

Airsoft has variations of the game in which the regulations can condition the use of the type of charger according to its capacity.

The most widespread variations are the MilSim (Military Simulation), and the CQB (Close Quarter Battle, or Combat in Urban Environment). There are convertible Mid Cap to Real Cap chargers, very versatile in terms of these specialist games.

For your first forays we recommend a HiCap charger since you can focus better on the development of the game and less on changing chargers, especially if you have not yet purchased the tactical vest. If you are looking for realism, and you have it clear from the beginning, you can choose chargers of lower capacities.

How can I meet other Airsoft players?

Of course! We recommend that you follow us on our social networks, where you will get in contact with our fantastic community. We do not need to share opinions and feelings on all the topics of interest that we are raising together.

We love to share gaming experiences, meet to coincide in events, and what comes to mind. How cool is Airsoft!

We leave you the URL links to our social networks:

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